The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe Virtual Book Tour May and June 2011

The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe

Join Sandi Gelles-Cole, author of the fictionalized memoir, The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe (Gelles-Cole Literary Enterprises), as she virtually tours the blogosphere in May and June on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

Sandi Gelles Cole

About Sandi Gelles-Cole

The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe is Sandi Gelles-Cole’s latest foray into fiction, building on her more than 35 years’ as a book editor, ghostwriter, and book doctor. She began her publishing career in 1973 with the David McKay Company and later held editorial positions with Dutton/NAL, Rawson Associates, and Dell. In 1983, she founded her editorial agency, Gelles-Cole Literary Enterprises, which continues to provide editorial services to agents, publishers, and authors. Over the course of her career, she has edited more than 500 novels and nonfiction books, including more than a dozen bestsellers, an Edgar Award nominee, and a BlackBoard Book of the Year award-winner, among others. The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe is her second novel.

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The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe

About The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is 85, the victim of a fire set purposefully to destroy her. This is the memoir she writes of what really happened from the night she was rescued in August, ‘62 until June 1, 2011 when the book starts, her 85th birthday.

Told in her own voice and propelled by the various lifestyles she tries on in her search to dig beneath the character that she created for the movies to the real woman inside, the book is two stories. While we read to learn what caused the horrible accident that ruined her face, she writes of her recovery from the addictions that subsumed her in Hollywood, her life as an average woman traveling with a young lover in Europe; her final goodbye to DiMaggio. As senior citizen Marilyn’s face is recreated she tells what happened to her fortune and then how she supported herself, how it felt when her face and body aged, how lust continued into her late years and how she fell in love when she thought all of that was behind her.

THE MEMOIR OF MARILYN MONROE is a mix of fiction, myth and Marilyn history.

Book Excerpt

They say only the good die young and I guess it’s true because I’m still here. Today is my eighty fifth birthday. During these years I have lived three lives: Before Marilyn, Being Marilyn and After.

I created Marilyn Monroe and then men molded her: studios, agents, and husbands. Ever since the night I did not die, I have tried to leave her behind, but wherever I went, the creature followed. I tried to run. I tried changing my name, my country of residence, my hair color, body type, career and sexual preference. I went to college for coursework in Humanities and studied Russian Literature. But there was no escaping her. The character I created became my own personal monster and devoured me in the ‘50s, and even after she died I could no more be someone else than I could grow a penis, change my skin color, or stop being a movie star.

My so-called death scene is always described the same: My housekeeper, Eunice Murray, finds my wasted, naked body tangled in a sheet, wet from secretions better left unexplained. I am face down with one hand hanging over the telephone. This detail is discussed often; am I answering a call or making one and if I am calling, then whom?

But it did not happen that way. I cheated death. . . .


Sandi Gelles-Cole’s THE MEMOIR OF MARILYN MONROE VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR ‘11 will officially begin on May 23rd and end on June 10th.  If you would like to participate in this tour, please contact Tracee Gleichner at tgleichner(at)live(dot)com. Thank you!