The Lowlands of Heaven Virtual Book Tour June, July and August 2011

The Lowlands of Heaven

Join F.J. Dagg, author of the inspirational fantasy fiction novel and San Diego Book Awards Finalist, The Lowlands of Heaven, as he virtually tours the blogosphere in June, July and August on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About F.J. Dagg

F.J. Dagg grew up in Michigan, where for a time he was a musician in a variety of rock and blues bands. He graduated with honors from the University of Michigan with a degree in Philosophy and an additional concentration in Music Theory and History. After moving to California, his focus turned from music to the writing of fiction, which he pursued as various day jobs allowed. Though not a member of any religious denomination, the mainstay of the author’s life is his faith, a fact reflected in his writing. His pastimes include playing the guitar and violin, reading, and surfing.

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About The Lowlands of Heaven

The Lowlands of Heaven Welcome to “Branch 92.” You’ll like it here. Consciousness runs a bit higher here than on Earth, though it’s not so elevated as you’ll find when you finally earn entrance to Heaven. Consider it a sort of way station, a place to further one’s evolution on the way up.

Laurel, an angel of the highest order and Guardian to the human Kate, has just arrived, a bit battered from a sojourn on Earth. She carries a Gift for Kate, which must be delivered, for without it Kate will never be complete and fulfill her destiny of love. But how to deliver it, when bending near to Earth weakens her to the core?

Down on Earth, the flower romantic love is doing its best to bloom. Sam, the dashing flight instructor, is determined to win Kate’s heart. She, however, a dedicated nurse and talented artist who becomes his student, lacks whatever it would take to return his love. Possessed of the resources and the desire to help her achieve the mission that makes her heart sing, he asks only that she share her life with him — but alas, though she cannot help but like and respect him, she will not feign what she does not feel.

Knowing she must somehow reach Kate and transmit the Gift of love, Laurel does the unthinkable. What ensues is an altogether engaging tale of interplay between two realms, of choices by humans and angels with far-reaching consequences for good or ill, colored at opportune moments by the presence of a tall, lean figure lurking in the shadows.

The Lowlands of Heaven offers a rare opportunity to be lifted up and carried to the far reaches of the universe on the wings of pure imagination.

Read an Excerpt!

From Chapter 2, The Lowlands of Heaven
The hummer’s wings buzzed, he stretched and preened, recovering from his long travels. The angel’s wings moved like a resting butterfly’s: dip and rise—pause—dip and rise again. A fleeting frown marred her porcelain face.

“There were those couple of times…I’m sure it was her…and not so awfully far, either.” Her voice rose and quickened a little. “I know I’d know her if I saw her. If only I didn’t get so sick down there, I could just…”

The bird interrupted with an assertive, full-throated chitter. She stopped, chastened. Her voice returned to its normal pitch, colored again with resignation. “I know… But if she’d just hear me, if I could just bring her right below us…well, then it’d only take a second. I could dive down there and…” Her gaze turned inward.

After a long, silent moment, she cupped her hands before her. The space between her hands began to glow. Brighter, brighter—until a tiny sun floated there. Its blaze revealed the deep sadness written in the angel’s face.

“I just have to get this to her…”

Her breath stopped for a moment, and her eyes narrowed before the sphere’s brilliance. Then with a deep breath and a sigh, she parted her hands and the little sun vanished. She rubbed her eyes and yawned delicately.

“How can it be that I love someone I don’t even know?” How indeed? She had been roaming Earthly precincts for over a quarter century, as time is reckoned there, though she couldn’t have accounted for it, having been stricken with a nearly total amnesia at some point before the event that had brought her to this plane high above Earth—barely in it and not of it at all. She had a vague sense of having wandered for a very long time, and she had equally obscure impressions of a few unconnected events and nameless personalities, images of which flickered through her mind for no cause she could assign—and of what significance she could only guess—but nothing more.

She was certain of only a very few things: that she possessed a precious Gift, that she had a solemn duty to deliver it to a particular young woman who lived in this part of the world, and that she might one day draw her near with music.

She was certain, too, that the nearer she drew to Earth in her quest, the more ill she became, and that if she approached the Earth too closely and remained too long, she would become ill unto death.

But most of all, though she couldn’t have said just how she knew, other than by the weight with which the Gift burdened her soul, she was certain that not only the young woman she sought, but the lives of many others—perhaps generations yet unborn—depended on the success of her mission.

Eyes down, dejected, she didn’t notice the faint glow blooming high in the sky directly above. The bird chittered again.

“Help? But we’ve been over that,” she replied, disconsolate. “If we were going to get help, it would’ve been before now…” The light above suddenly intensified, penetrating her brown study. The angel turned her gaze upward. “Oh…”

The sky poured white-gold incandescence over the winged pair and the vaporous canyon walls reflected and amplified it. Entranced, the angel stood and spread her wings. The little bird rose from her shoulder and hovered beside her.

The world below disappeared, shined out of existence for the moment in the annihilating radiance. A thin, dazzling beam of white darted downward, and angel and hummingbird were engulfed in a blinding burst of celestial light.

A great beat of the angel’s wings, and her vaporous perch exploded into a glowing fog as the two winged creatures soared vertically and vanished. The great light retreated, and the sun, so modest in comparison, again possessed the scene.

A white feather with a crescent of iridescent blue at its tip spiraled Earthward.

Here’s what reviewers are saying about The Lowlands of Heaven!

“This novel soars. Beautifully crafted language, stunning imagery, and a message that will stand the test of time. The tightly woven plot, unforgettable characters, two intersecting worlds, and inspiring theme will transport the reader not only to a magical place, but to a realm of thought that bears study and reflection.

May the angels speed this book on its worldwide way. ”
Claire Voyant, Amazon Reviewer

“This book is lovely in so many ways. A flowing, imaginative, heartwarming and uplifting story that increases your sense of well being with each sentence.”
Wilson, Amazon Reviewer

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