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Happy Birthday Zumaya Publications


Pump Up Your Book is proud to host the authors and publisher of Zumaya Publications at their 5 year birthday bash!  The party will be held on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 starting at 8 p.m. eastern, 7 p.m. central, 6 p.m. mountain and 5 p.m. pacific time) and ending at 11 p.m. (eastern time).  Tell your book friends that not only will this give them an opportunity to chat with the authors and editor of Zumaya Publications, but they will be eligible to win lots of goodies including  A FREE KINDLE E-READER!


Here’s how it will work:

The party will kick off at our brand new chat room with a 2 hour chat (unless it runs over) in which all the authors including the publisher, Elizabeth Burton, will have certain time slots in which they are appearing for personal questions.  Each author will be given a 10-minute timed period in which all the questions will be directed toward them at that time, although they will be on hand throughout the chat participating.  All timed slots are listed below in case you can’t stay for the full chat.

The details:

  • In order to become eligible to win a prize, you must ask an author or the editor a question
  • All winners of prizes will be announced on this page after the chat
  • If you are a winner, you have 48 hours to contact us to claim your winnings
  • Email Dorothy at thewriterslife(at)gmail.com to claim your prize
  • If you do not contact us within 48 hours, we will give your prize to someone else
  • The winners will be selected at Random.org
  • To get into the chat room, hit the link above and put in your real name so that we know who you are
  • Only those with real names are eligible to win prizes
  • Ignore the part that says “password,” hit LOGIN after putting your real name in the blank and the chat room will magically appear
  • The doors will open at 7:45 eastern (time differences are below) so everyone can get in and get to know everybody
  • The first guest will be announced at 8:15 eastern.
  • Because the authors only have 10 minutes each to answer your questions, it would help to get acquainted with them before the chat by reading their bios below and writing down some questions you might want to ask them

* 8 p.m. eastern * 7 p.m. Central * 6 p.m. Mountain * 5 p.m. Pacific *

Chat with the Publisher and Authors of Zumaya Publications!

Elizabeth BurtonEditor Elizabeth Burton has had four novels and three erotic romance ebook novellas published in the decade since she decided it was past time to pursue her long-postponed career as a storyteller. After working as a journalist and newspaper editor, she took advantage of a job hiatus to work on fiction, publishing the first novel, Dreams of Darkness, as an ebook in 2000. She also became a much-in-demand freelance book editor and reviewer, publishing the online review zine The Blue Iris Journal from 1999 to 2003. She was a finalist in the 1999 Writers of the Future, and is a member of the Fandom Association of Central Texas (FACT) where she is on the board of directors and serves as board secretary, and is co-chair for ArmadilloCon 32, Austin’s oldest literary SF/F convention. In 2003, she became a partner in Zumaya Publications as executive editor, and in 2009 purchased the company in partnership with her niece while trying–again–to find time to write. Her most recent novel, The Everdark Gate, was the winner of the 2008 Dream Realm Award for Fantasy.  Visit her website at www.zumayapublications.com.

Wendy DagerWendy Dager is the author of the book, I Murdered the PTA.  She is a professional freelance writer who has spent decades acquiring and implementing a flexibility that has helped her work become widely published in a variety of formats. She’s written humorous greeting card copy, flash animation scripts, a biweekly newspaper opinion column, corporate newsletters, magazine and newspaper feature articles, press releases and more. Her quirky sense of humor has appeared on buttons, key chains, magnets and bumper stickers; and her articles and essays always reflect a unique perspective on the world, particularly when it comes to family and community issues. Wendy’s love of generating controversy—and making people stop and think—combined with her penchant for wearing vintage clothes and jewelry, garnered her the USA Network title of one of America’s Most Unique Characters. She’s more comfortable in a vintage skirt and Dr. Martens boots than in a suit and heels, but she’ll adapt for formal occasions. Just don’t ask to see her flaming typewriter tattoo—she might show it to you. A native Southern Californian, Wendy lives in suburbia with her handsome husband and their high-strung Border collie mix. Occasionally, the children show up to ask what’s for dinner.You can visit her website at http://www.wendydager.com or visit her Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Murdered-the-PTA/153027064770973.

Mike DiCertoA filmmaker and writer since childhood, Mike DiCerto has directed numerous shorts, music videos, documentaries, promotional videos and two feature films (NO EXIT and TRIPTOSANE). His first novel, Milky Way Marmalade received rave reviews and was the winner of the 2003 Dream Realm Award. He is very excited about the release of the first of his exciting new kid-lit series, RUPERT STARBRIGHT: The Door to Far-Myst. Mike has many interests including yoga (practicing for over ten years), gardening (loves growing chilli peppers in his rooftop garden), playing guitar (and trying hard to get better), cats (long-time volunteer at NYC’s Ollie’s Place Adoption Center and cat whisperer), really good and really bad movies and 70s TV as well as archeology, ethno-pharmacology, and all kinds of geeky and bizarre stuff. He is a dedicated MST3K fanatic.  For more information you can visit Mike’s website or he will happily friend you on Facebook or his fan page. You can purchase his book at Amazon or the publisher’s website .

Gloria OliverGloria Oliver lives in Texas towing the line for her feline and canine masters. She is the author of the novels “In the Service of Samurai”, “Vassal of El”, “Willing Sacrifice”, “Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles”, and her latest, “The Price of Mercy”, all in the Fantasy and YA Fantasy genres. Three of the novels were finalists in the EPIC ebook Awards and two in the Dream Realm Awards. She also has stories in “The Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse”, “Houston: We’ve Got Bubbas”, “Small Bites”, “Ripple Effect”, and “Ladies of Trade Town” anthologies. She is a proud member of both EPIC and Broad Universe. When not busy working with numbers at work, she enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, and Japanese Anime. You can find Gloria at her blog, on Twitter, or even Facebook. To find out more about her, and for sample chapters and free reads, please visit her website www.gloriaoliver.com.

Rie Sheridan RoseRie Sheridan Rose has been writing professionally for the last ten years including four novels, one short story collection, two chapbooks and five poetry collections as well as contributing to several anthologies.  Her stories have also been published in The Eternal Night, ShadowKeep and Verge ezines, as well as the EOTU and Planet Relish websites. Her most popular stories to date are the Adventures of Bruce and Roxanne, humorous horror shorts, several of which have been collected into two print chapbooks by Yard Dog Press. Her latest book is The Luckless Prince.You can visit her website at www.riewriter.com. Connect with Rie at Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/riesheridanrose.

Cindy SpeerCindy Lynn Speer is an author, a swashbuckler, and a darned good secretary. When she’s not saving the world through sword or organization, she can be found sewing, gardening, or making up quirky bios of herself. She has written Unbalanced and Blue Moon, both published through Zumaya, and The Chocolatier’s Wife and the fiction collection But Can You Let Him Go?, published through Drollerie. You can read excerpts and more at her website, http://www.apenandfire.com. You can pick up a copy of her latest book, Unbalanced, buy visiting Amazon or the publisher’s website.

Dorothy2Dorothy Thompson is the editor/author of the relationship anthology, Romancing the Soul.  Her next book with Zumaya will be a nonfiction relationship book titled The Soul Mate Triangle: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Soul Mate Relationship.  You can visit her blog at www.soulmatetriangle.com or visit her fan page at www.facebook.com/soulmatetriangle.  Dorothy is also the CEO/Founder of Pump Up Your Book, an innovative public relations agency specializing in online book publicity for authors.  You can visit her website at www.pumpupyourbook.com.  Connect with her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/pumpupyourbook or Facebook at www.facebook.com/pumpupyourbook.

Carole WaterhouseA creative writing professor at California University of Pennsylvania, Carole Waterhouse is the author of two novels, The Tapestry Baby and Without Wings, and a collection of short stories, The Paradise Ranch. Her fiction has appeared in Arnazella, Artful Dodge, Baybury Review, Ceilidh, Eureka Literary Magazine, Forum, Half Tones to Jubilee, Massachusetts Review, Minnetonka Review, Oracle: The Brewton-Parker College Review, Parting Gifts, Pointed Circle, Potpourri, Seems, Spout, The Armchair Aesthete, The Griffin, The Styles, Tucumari Literary Review, Turnrow, and X-Connect. A previous newspaper reporter, she has published essays in an anthology, Horse Crazy: Women and the Horses They Love, and Equus Spirit Magazine. Her book reviews have appeared in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Pittsburgh Press, and The New York Times Book Review. Her latest novel is The Tapestry Baby, a novel depicting a mother who believes her child is born to fulfill some special destiny and discovers her life is intertwined with six other people, raising the question of whether any of us really control our own decisions, and through the process learns that greatness can be defined in the simplest of gestures. You can visit Carole’s website at www.Carolewaterhouse.com.  Visit her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/carolewaterhouse.author!

Linda AndrewsLinda Andrews lives with her husband and three children in Phoenix, Arizona. When she announced to her family that her paranormal romance was to be published, her sister pronounce: “What else would she write? She’s never been normal.”

All kidding aside, writing has become a surprising passion. So just how did a scientist start to write paranormal romances? What other option is there when you’re married to romantic man and live in a haunted house?

She can be found at www.lindaandrews.nethttp://www.facebook.com/linda.andrews2http://twitter.com/LindaAndrews and her blog at lindaandrews.wordpress.com

M.D. BenoitM. D. Benoit was born in Montreal, Quebec (that’s in Canada, folks) but was raised in a small Quebec Laurentians town called Mont-Laurier. She didn’t stay there long, though, and studied and lived in Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax, where she obtained her Masters’ Degree in Psychology from Saint Mary’s University. Throughout the years, she has been a housekeeper, a telephone operator, a military officer, and a Human Resources consultant. But writing always was her first love and she gave up her paying job over fifteen years ago to make up stories. She’s been writing full-time since then. Metered Space was her first published novel (2004), introducing Private Investigator Jack Meter in this SF Mystery series.  The Jack Meter Case Files continued with Meter Made in November 2005. The third in the series, Meter Destiny, came out in 2008. She has also written two SF Thriller, Synergy, published in April 2007, and Catalyst out in 2010. Meter Parents, the fourth in The Jack Meter Case Files, is out July 2011. Visit her website at http://mdbenoit.com or follow her on Twitter@mdbenoit2.

Kim BaccelliaKim Baccellia has always been a sucker for the paranormal. She blames it on her families’ love for such things such as having picnics at cemeteries, visiting psychics, and reading her mother’s copies of the daily horoscope. She even had her own horoscope column in middle school, which was a big hit! Kim’s other works include her YA paranormal CROSSED OUT which is published by Lachesis publishing. Her YA multicultural fantasy, EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA, will be rereleased by Muse It Up publishing early 2012. A member of SCBWI, Kim is currently writing the sequel to CROSSED OUT. She’s also putting the finishing touches on a YA multicultural dystopia. She lives in Southern California with her husband and son. Readers can find out more about me at http://www.kim-baccellia.com/ My LJ: http://kbaccellia.livejournal.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ixtumea http://obscurekidlitauthors.blogspot.com/

To recap, these prizes will be given away:

  • Rie Sheridan Rose will be giving away a set of the Bruce and Roxanne chapbooks plus assorted promo goodies that go with them — a nice keychain, flashing button, bumpersticker, etc.!
  • Wendy Dager will be giving away 3 hot pink brain-shaped stress balls!
  • Mike DiCerto will be giving away one paperback copy of Milky Way Marmalade!
  • Gloria Oliver will be giving away a paperback copy of her book, In the Service of Samurai
  • Carole Waterhouse will be giving away a free plush animal!
  • Dorothy Thompson will be giving away one paperback copy of Romancing the Soul!
  • Linda Andrews will be giving away an electronic copy of A Ghost of a Chance and an electronic copy of Gillian!
  • Cindy Speer will be giving away a paperback copy of Unbalanced!
  • M.D. Benoit will be giving away a paperback copy of Meter Made!
  • Kim Baccellia will be giving away a copy of Crossed Out!
  • Elizabeth Burton will be giving away 3 5X7 wirebound notebooks with Carole Waterhouse’s The Tapestry Baby cover on the front!
  • Elizabeth Burton will be giving away a paperback copy of Dreams of Darkness!
  • Elizabeth Burton will be giving away a paperback copy of Shadow of the Scorpion!
  • Elizabeth Burton will be giving away a paperback copy of The Everdark Gate!
  • Elizabeth Burton will be giving away a computer attache filled with Zumaya titles!
  • Elizabeth Burton will be giving away a Zumaya Publications mug!
  • Elizabeth Burton will be giving away a FREE KINDLE E-READER!

Schedule of Events:

8:00 – 8:15 – This time is designated for everyone to get into the chat room.

8:15 – 8:45 – Elizabeth Burton

8:45 – 8:55 – Wendy Dager

8:55 – 9:05 – Rie Sheridan Rose

9:05 – 9:15 – M.D. Benoit

9:15 – 9:25 – Gloria Oliver

9:25 – 9:35 – Carole Waterhouse

9:35 – 9:45 – Jane Toombs

9:45 – 9:55 – Janet Lane Walters

9:55 – 10:05 – Linda Andrews

10:05 – 10:15 – Cindy Speer

10:15 – 10:25 – Mike DiCerto

10:25 – 10:35 – Kim Baccellia

10:35 – 10:45 – Dorothy Thompson


See you at the party!!!!

And the winners are…

Rachel won a set of the Bruce and Roxanne chapbooks plus assorted promo goodies that go with them — a nice keychain, flashing button, bumpersticker, etc. from Rie Sheridan Rose!

Becky won 3 hot pink brain-shaped stress balls from Wendy Dager and an electronic copy of Gillian by Linda Andrews!

Kate Nelson won a paperback copy of Milky Way Marmalade by Mike DiCerto!

Pamela Purcell won a paperback copy of In the Service of Samurai, by Gloria Oliver!

Autumn won a free plush animal from Carole Waterhouse and a paperback  copy of Crossed Out by Kim Baccellia!

Eileen Burmester won an electronic copy of A Ghost of a Chance by Linda Andrews!

Jim Reader won an electronic copy of Gillian by Linda Andrews!

Linda Bass won a paperback copy of Unbalanced by Cindy Speer!

Michelle Miller won a paperback copy of Meter Made by M.D. Benoit!

Steve DeWinter won a paperback copy of Shadow of the Scorpion by Elizabeth Burton!

Molly won a 5X7 wirebound notebooks with Carole Waterhouse’s The Tapestry Baby cover on the front and a paperback copy of The Everdark Gate by Elizabeth Burton!

Pamela Purcell won a 5X7 wirebound notebooks with Carole Waterhouse’s The Tapestry Baby cover!

Autumn won a 5X7 wirebound notebooks with Carole Waterhouse’s The Tapestry Baby cover on the front and an electronic copy of A Ghost of a Chance by Linda Andrews!

Tracee won a paperback copy of Dreams of Darkness by Elizabeth Burton!

J.W. won a paperback copy of Dorothy Thompson’s Romancing the Soul!

Jaime won a paperback copy of Shadow of the Scorpion by Elizabeth Burton!

Farrah won a a Zumaya Publications mug!

Oops, one more step to win the grand prize of all – to find out how you can win the Kindle e-reader and attache full of Zumaya titles, click here!

If you have won a prize, please contact Dorothy Thompson at thewriterslife@gmail.com with your mailing address.  You have 48 hours to respond or we’ll have to find another winner.  Congratulations everyone!


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