Sinexia: The Mark of Perillius by Atonus Perry Book Publicity Tour September 2011

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Join Atonus Perry, author of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, Sinexia: The Mark of Perillius (Dog Ear Publishing, LLC), as he virtually tours the blogosphere September 5 – September 30 2011 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About Atonus Perry

antonus perry Atonus L. Perry has always been fascinated with tales of fantasy and wonder. Being the son of a librarian, he spent many of his weekends and summers reading books. The only thing he loved more than reading was indulging in creative writing. As he matured he began to take an interest in Japanese animation, comic books, and role playing video games. After immersing himself in the media storylines he loved so much, he discovered that there was not enough action in most of the stories he loved. So, he vowed to one day write a story that was not lacking in action. One day, after an assignment in one of his college English classes called for an outline of an epic adventure, he made good on that vow and began writing stories that deliver page turning action. He writes for the people who feel dissatisfied with the stories they love so much.

Atonus L. Perry lives in Shreveport, Louisiana with his son, Isaiah Alexander Perry.
You can visit his website at or

About Sinexia: The Mark of Perillius

Sinexia The Mark of Perillius Sinexia.
Born of war and anointed with savagery, its lands were conquered by magicians, monsters, and creatures that some would revere as gods or demons. Just as Earth holds Sinexia’s Origin, Sinexia holds the fate of the Earth. The Sinexia series chronicles the events that bind Earth and Sinexia. Read them and become engrossed in the tales of honor, love, despair, and action that cycle in a ring of creation and cataclysm.

The Mark of Perillius follows the adventures of a young orphan who inherits the powers and abilities of his fabled ancestor. He is taken from the only normalcy he has ever known and tossed into a world of mystery and magic. Once there, he must learn to master his newfound abilities while encountering a host of rich characters, places of wonder, and dire situations.
The orphan’s name is Emberillius. He begins his journey as a sixteen year old young boy. He must spend nine long years in Sinexia if he is to have any chance at all of saving the Earth from an impending catastrophe. It is during this time that he learns about love, war, hate, responsibility, life, death, good, evil, and sacrifice as he matures into a man. Through the trails of life an orphan is forged into a hero.

Book Excerpt

Dark clouds crept across the night sky, revealing a full moon as they met the horizon beyond the Ralifensteinian countryside. A small girl walked carefully towards the water well with her cup in
hand. She weighed no more than thirty-three pounds. Her face was stained with dirt. She wore a dingy white ribbon in her hair. She owned no shoes. Her small bare feet trekked towards the well across rough Ralifensteinian gravel. This particular night just happened to be the eve of her birthday. The following day, she would turn four years old. This cup of water was her birthday gift to herself. She lowered the water pail into the well. It took all of her strength to pull the pail back to the top of the well. She filled her cup with water and began walking back toward the cave she lived in. She sipped the water as she walked. Suddenly, something struck the girl on her backside and knocked her to the ground. Her teeth crashed against the rocks on the ground. Blood trickled from her mouth. Tears fell from her eyes. She did not cry because of the pain she felt. Even at her tender age, she was used to pain. She cried because her water had spilled, and was now seeping into the ground. A twenty foot tall dragon curled its tail, which it had used to strike the girl.
“Back to the cave with you little human!” hissed the dragon.
“You know that you slaves are not allowed to be near the well at night.”
The dragon snaked its long neck around the girl, shaking its forked tongue between its fangs and scaring her.
“The next time I catch you out, I will eat you!”
Two arrows simultaneously pierced each eye of the dragon. Before the dragon could even roar in pain, a large, muscular man quickly grabbed the dragon’s head and ripped it from his body.
“Like hell he will!” cried Aspen.
Of the two arrows that pierced the dragon’s eyes, one was fired by Aspen. The other was fired by Simprella. The man that ripped the dragon’s head off was none other than Oni-Rex the dragon slayer; the combined form of Mark and Matthew.
“Be strong little one,” Oni-Rex said to the girl. “You must survive to tell about the night the Smokesnuffers took Linquisht! How foolish and arrogant of the dragons to leave only five guards at the cave where the humans sleep.”
They had already killed the other four dragons in charge of guarding the slaves. The Smokesnuffers crept into the cave and quietly woke the sleeping slaves. They furnished them with weapons. Then, along with the Prayers and the slaves, they attacked the dragons sleeping in Linquisht. The dragons awoke furious. They attacked with tooth, claw, and fire, but the battle went as planned. The former slaves were more than excited for the chance to lash out at their former
oppressors. They followed the examples of the Prayers and the Smokesnuffers, and saw that the dragons were not invincible. Oni-Rex certainly lived up to his name. He felled more dragons than any other that night. He worked in conjunction with Braden. Braden blinded them with a flash of intense light, and Oni-Rex ripped out their hearts, each moving with amazing speed. Each of the Prayers was significant to the battle. Simprella perched upon the tallest building in Linquisht and shot arrows at the dragons from above. She singled out the dragons that the slaves were having trouble with. Hurricane’s ice magic was a big help. His freezing blasts gave the Smokesnuffers and the slaves the edge they
needed. He also helped douse the flames of the fire breathing dragons.
Dylan, Aspen, and Symphony stayed close to each other. They attacked the dragons at the same time. Aspen used his spear, Dylan used his knife, and Symphony gave in to her dragon rage and fought savagely with her claws. Major Minor flew across Linquisht, punching dragons and helping others wherever he was needed. Occasionally, he flew up to the building that held Simprella and fired his APC. The blast from the APC instantly killed any dragon it hit.
However, the APC had to charge after each blast, so rapid fire was not an option. High above Linquisht, Mr. Easter floated and watched the battle below. He used his magic to attack with the elements.
Lightening struck where he willed, and any dragon that tried to take flight was instantly thrown into a twister of devastating winds. When the sun rose the following morning, the battle was over. Over two hundred dead dragons lay scattered across Linquisht. Sadly, there were nearly three hundred dead humans. Of the three hundred dead, only thirty of them were Smokesnuffers. The other two hundred seventy were slaves who had died fighting for their freedom. None of them were Prayers. Still, the battle was a success. More then nine hundred slaves survived the battle. About two hundred
of them were women, children, and men who were too injured to go into battle. Those two hundred prepared themselves to travel to Erud, escorted by ten Smokesnuffers. Everyone who remained put aside their inhibitions and drank the vile blood of the dead dragons.
Everyone drank except for Dylan, who did not need the aid of the dragon’s blood. Proud of their victory, but saddened by their losses, the Prayers, the Smokesnuffers, and more than seven hundred former slaves prepared to venture into the Burdened Forest.

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