Bending the Boyne by J.S. Dunn Virtual Book Publicity Tour November 2011

Join J.S. Dunn, author of the historical fiction, Bending the Boyne (Seriously Good Books), for their virtual tour of the blogosphere November 14 – 23 2011 with Pump Up Your Book!

About J.S. Dunn

J.S. Dunn resided in Ireland during the past decade, and from there pursued early Bronze Age culture along the Atlantic coasts of Spain, France, Wales, and Ireland. In 2006, the author attended the Dover Boat symposium (UK) regarding the earliest known Atlantic plank boat. The research for BENDING THE BOYNE yielded many friends in diverse fields including archaeology, geology, and Bronze Age tool-making.

This is a debut novel and won the 2011 Next Generation Indie Award for historical fiction.

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About Bending the Boyne

Bending the Boyne The great Boyne passage mounds are older than the Pyramids, and Stonehenge. Why were these great mounds abandoned around 2200 BCE?

2200 BCE: Changes rocking the Continent reach Eire with the dawning Bronze Age. Marauders invade the island seeking copper and gold and their long bronze knives challenge the peaceful native starwatchers. The young astronomer Boann and the enigmatic Cian need all their wits and courage to save their people and their great Boyne mounds. Tensions build on Eire between new and old cultures and between Boann, Elcmar, and her son Aengus, and eventually explode. What emerges from the rubble of battle are Ireland’s oldest legends in a totally new light.

BENDING THE BOYNE uses the new paradigm that “Celtic” culture developed along the north Atlantic coasts (not in central Europe) and arose in the early Bronze Age. This story appeals to fans of the Bronze Age, ancient astronomy, and archaeology. The tale echoes with literary heroes: Swift, Yeats, Flann O’Brien, and many others.

Book Excerpt:

After he took a ritual sweatbath, the elders introduced him to Basajuan. The man stood like a bull with an incongruous broad smile.
Cian turned over the agreed weight of gold. Basajuan labored at hammering the gold into a wide flat sheet, Cian working nearby to make a new curved anvil. The great smith wanted the anvil for just this project. Cian chipped and polished small stones into rectangles which Basajuan used to smooth the sheet gold into final shape.

At the anvil, the smith fashioned a cape of gold. It spanned the chest and over each shoulder and upper arm, with its opening at the back of the neck. Basajuan bent over the anvil to finish the exceptional cape, embossing tightly spaced curving ribs alternating with curving rows of tiny raised bosses, until the gold appeared to be a flow of luminous textile and beads folding around the lucky wearer. Its underside, he would finish with reinforcing leather held with bronze strips.

This flowing gold cape astounded all who saw it; it was an unprecedented object.

“Who shall receive this cape?” Cian inquired as the smith tapped the final rows of dazzling embossed beading into the gold’s arcing surface.

“This? This cape of mine is going to Taranis, the chief trader at a great estuary north of here.” The master ran his hands over his delicate work. “I shall never see it again.” He stared with Cian at the gold treasure that would travel far away from his talented hands.

“Will this chief know where it is that you Basques obtained the gold for it?”

Basajaun considered this, wiping his brow. “What do you suggest?”

“Let Taranis hear that this gold came from the Starwatchers. Nothing more.”

Basajuan agreed with a wink.

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Bending the Boyne Virtual Book Publicity Tour Schedule

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Monday, November 14

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Tuesday, November 15

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Wednesday, November 16

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Thursday, November 17

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Friday, November 18

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Monday, November 21

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Tuesday, November 22

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Wednesday, November 23

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