It’s Simple Virtual Book Publicity Tour November 2011

It's Simple

Join Michelle Richardson, author of the contemporary romance novel, It’s Simple (iUniverse), as she virtually tours the blogosphere November 1 – 23 2011 on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About Michelle Richardson

Michelle Richardson Michelle Richardson, born in Brooklyn, New York, now lives in Long Island with her husband, their two crazy kids and a prissy powder puff pomeranian named Madison. A wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, writer, life coach and marketing director, the roles of her life provided the inspiration behind this work, but none more so than those of wife, mother, sister and friend. Richardson is currently writing the sequel to It’s Simple.

Visit her online at or visit her at Twitter at!/ItsSimpleMR or Facebook at

About It’s Simple

It's Simple The general consensus is that relationships are easy to start but challenging to maintain. Although we may not think so, our choices ultimately determine the types of relationships we have. It’s truly funny how after we’ve contributed to the chaotic state of the relationship, we hire therapists to fix us, to tell us it’s not our fault when it typically is. The truth? Therapists don’t fix us; they provide tools that guide us. Ultimately, we find the solutions ourselves and, for the most part, we really need to forget what we’ve heard. Relationships can be complicated, littered with challenges and that preventable thing called drama. Just ask Tia and Chase.

They met as teenagers. Upon graduation from college, things got complicated. Chase was drafted to the Los Angeles Lakers; Tia was offered a position in the Obama administration. Despite the geographical distance, Tia and Chase stayed together.

But how easy is it to make love last? It’s simple-if we can be honest, forgiving, and patient with each other. Here’s a unique look at a progressive couple and how their choices impact their journey; providing a truthful and sometimes painful look at real life scenarios and how two fiercely driven and stubborn lovers choose to handle them. Experience life from a different perspective.

Book Excerpt:

Shifting slightly, he placed a finger under her chin forcing her to make eye contact with him. What he saw in her eyes squeezed his heart. On the surface he saw and felt her pain. This trip had further strengthened their bond and neither one of them was looking forward to the day they would have to say goodbye. Leaning down, he kissed her lips. “We need to talk about this Tia.”
Shaking her head and removing his hand from her face, she placed her head on his chest. “No, we don’t. Not right now. We have time. You’re not leaving for another three days.” She placed her hand on his stomach and slowly stroked him.
“I know you don’t want to talk about it now, but I don’t want to talk about it later.” Resting his head on hers, he let his words marinate before continuing. “I don’t want this to loom over us for the next three days.”
Getting somewhat frustrated with the situation, Tia sat up. “What do you want me to say, Chase? What do you want to me to do?”
“I want us to discuss how we’re going to handle this.” Chase said while taking her hands in his.
“How we’re going to handle this?” Tia sighed heavily and glared at him, pulling her hands away. “The way we always do. We say goodbye and head back to our normal lives.” She tried to get up from the sofa, but Chase pulled her back down.
“You’re not going to walk away or try to turn this into an argument. We are going to discuss this like two grown ass adults,” Chase said, raising his voice just a little so Tia understood she wouldn’t be able to manipulate the conversation this time.
“Look,” she started, closing her eyes, “I don’t have the answer. I just don’t.” Opening her eyes, she tried to stand again, but Chase wouldn’t let her.
“Tia, I don’t have the answer either. But I’m sure we can come up with something together.” Wrapping her in his arms he held her tightly, completely understanding the frustration brewing within her because he was experiencing it as well. The last thing he wanted was to waste their precious time squabbling over nonsense … petty stuff.

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To celebrate the release of It’s Simple, Michelle is having a contest!  Share your ideas for establishing and maintaining a fulling relationship, tell us if there is someone from your high school years you regret not developing a relationship with or what you would sacrifice to have a good, loving long-lasting relationship, you could win a “Live Love Laugh It’s Simple Keepsake Box” with a host of delectable goodies inside!

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It’s Simple Virtual Book Publicity Tour Schedule

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Michelle Richardson’s IT’S SIMPLE VIRTUAL BOOK PUBLICITY TOUR will officially begin on November 1 and end on November 23 ’11. Please contact Dorothy Thompson at thewriterslife(at) if you are interested in hosting and/or reviewing her book. Thank you!


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