New Book for Review: Born Mad

Robyn Wheeler is touring from November 1 -23 with her non-fiction self-improvement novel, Born Mad.

Born Mad Follow Robyn on her journey from fits of rage as an angry child, blunders and setbacks as an adult in deep denial, to her quest for awareness and enlightenment. Robyn takes you inside her deepest thoughts and fears, as well as her chronic anger and thoughts of suicide. After being diagnosed with a “bad state of mind” called dysthymia, Robyn wrote Born Mad to help others who may be unaware that they might be suffering from a low-grade chronic depression that will make l ife difficult, ruin relationships, and contribute to a negative and hopeless outlook on life. Born Mad includes symptoms of dysthymia and copies strategies, as well as the story of how Robyn came to believe in God, defeat chronic anger, and become the person she was meant to be. Read about her courage and determination to be happy and how her life has changed after having a “brain transplant.” If you or someone you know suffers from constant mood swings, angry thoughts, and extreme worry or anxiety, Born Mad might shed light on the reasons why and how to fight your way through to hope, peace and happiness.

144 Pages

If you are interested in hosting Born Mad in November, please contact Tracee Gleichner at tracee(at) or fill out the form below.  Thank you!

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