Twitterview: Literary Fiction Author Karen Glick Cyber-Chats with Pump Up Your Book

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Pump Up Your Book is now offering Twitterviews! What is a Twitterview? A Twitterview is simply an interview we conduct with our clients via Twitter, one of the world’s most popular social networks. Our Twitterviews are held days before the author’s tour starts, then we transfer the tweets over here to Pump Up Your Book so that you can read the interview, too. Today’s Twitterview is with Karen Glick, author of the literary fiction novel, Questions in the Silence!

About Karen Glick

Karen GlickKaren Glick lives outside of Philadelphia. She is a clinical psychologist whose other interests include writing, painting, and acting. When not feverishly engaged in these pursuits, she enjoys spending time with her four children, husband, cavalier king charles spaniels and cats.

Karen has just published her first novel, Questions in the Silence.

You can visit her website at

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Questions in the Silence

About Questions in the Silence

Ari Rothman, born with psychic abilities, has a lifelong fascination with spiritual issues. Childhood visions and intuitions combine to make her a bit of an outsider in her peer group and she turns to religion to create meaning in her life.

Ari’s childhood experiences and her strong desire to help others make her a natural psychotherapist. However, the conflict between her intuitive abilities and a more rational approach to the human psyche intensifies when her first long-term client ends his sessions unexpectedly.

Twitterview with Literary Fiction Author Karen Glick

@pumpupyourbook:  Thanks for your time in answering our questions, Karen! Is this your first Twitterview?

Karen Glick Twitter@toffeelit: yes I’m a virginal twitterviewer. looking forward to it.

@pumpupyourbook: LOL well I’ll make it painless. Lets start out with you! You live outside Philly, can you tell us what you do besides write?

Karen Glick Twitter@toffeelit: I work as a clinical psychologist, paint, and play with my Cavalier spaniels.

@pumpupyourbook: Sounds like you have a busy plate! And you act, too?

Karen Glick Twitter@toffeelit:  I do voice over acting and especially love narrating books.Plan an audiobook of my novel soon.

@pumpupyourbook: How absolutely interesting! People love audiobooks! So this is your first book, right?

Karen Glick Twitter@toffeelit:  yes, the first one I completed. Many skeletons lie in my desk drawers!

@pumpupyourbook:  How has the self-publishing journey been so far?

@toffeelit: a mixed bag. Luv talking more directly with readers but added promotional work keeps me from working on my new book.

@pumpupyourbook: Why did you decide to self-publish?

Karen Glick Twitter@toffeelit: I was very eager to get my book to the public and hear their reactions. Plus, I wanted to keep rights for audionarration.

@pumpupyourbook: Interesting! I fully support self-published authors – I mean if you can do what they do why not self-publish – was it hard?

Karen Glick Twitter@toffeelit: Not at all! Createspace at Amazon is very easy to work with. Once I was ready to publsh,I had a proof in a few days.

@pumpupyourbook: I love it! I’m so curious – love your premise, how did you come up with that idea?

Karen Glick Twitter@toffeelit: I merged two of my passions: psychology and seeking for spiritual meaning in life.

@pumpupyourbook: Are you my soul sister? I love looking for the spiritual meaning in life – can you tell us more about your main character, Ari?

Karen Glick Twitter@toffeelit: Ari,a young jewish woman, seeks to help others by becoming a therapist while still relying on her intuition and visions.

@pumpupyourbook: What kind of childhood visions did Ari have, Karen?

Karen Glick Twitter@toffeelit: Ari dreamed of spiritual guides who helped her identify her path in life and in understanding her relationships..

@pumpupyourbook: Did you experience any childhood dreams like Ari when you were a child?

@toffeelit: A few. Mine were more predictive of things that were going to happen. Somewhat scary, actually.

@pumpupyourbook: Wow you know I’ve heard that everyone has spiritual powers of some sort – do you believe that to be true?

Karen Glick Twitter@toffeelit: yes,but our culture discourages trust in those capabilities.

@pumpupyourbook: Shame and so true. Will there be a sequel?

Karen Glick Twitter@toffeelit: readers have asked for one! I would like to revisit Ari 20 years later.

@pumpupyourbook: I think it would be a great idea myself! You were a lot of fun, did you enjoy your first Twitterview?

Karen Glick Twitter@toffeelit: It was great fun chatting. Thanks so much, Dorothy!

@pumpupyourbook: Thank you for being here and we’ll see you on the blog trail!

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