Pump Up Your Book Presents Why Qualified People Don’t Get Hired or Stay With the Company Virtual Book Tour

Join Molita Powell, author of business/career book, Why Qualified People Don’t Get Hired or Stay With the Company, as she tours the blogosphere February 4 – February 28,2013 on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!



This is the first book for Molita Powell. Her career has taken her from San Diego, California to Dallas, Texas. She has worked in small, medium and large companies across several industries and witnessed the growth, re-organization and demise of some of those companies. Others are struggling to keep up with competition and with the changing tides of the economy.



Why do you think the younger folks get hired over someone with experience? They are more eager to learn and adapt to a career change, and come cheaper.

It’s good to have transferrable skills, but do not put yourself in a financial bind where you regress in your career. Too often we see career-focused, qualified individuals in new careers and work in jobs that are out of character for them. These are the same ones who were always sharply dressed in the latest trends, and the proud owners of the newest electronic toys.

The problem is, while they were busy working, they were not managing their own finances. When the regular paychecks stopped, they found themselves scrambling to pay for even their basic expenses. In order to not lose the things they’ve accumulated, they were forced to accept the first job they were offered. This is a job and pay they would not have otherwise taken.

This is yet another reason why we see companies not hiring qualified individuals who carry a large amount of debt. They may also not hire young people for high salary positions. Companies are looking for qualified and financially responsible workers who they can trust, train and promote to leadership positions to make financial decisions on their behalf.

Financial responsibility is an actual requirement for church members wanting to become Deacons. Financial institutions use this to fill positions that involve the handling of money.

If individuals are not able to manage their own personal finances, would you want them to handle yours? Glenn Shepard said it best, ‘Don’t take financial advice from people who are broke.’


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Molita Powell’s WHY QUALIFIED PEOPLE DON’T GET HIRED OR STAY WITH THE COMPANY VIRTUAL BOOK PUBLICITY TOUR will officially begin on February 4 and end on February 28, 2013. Please contact Tracee Gleichner at tgleichner(at)gmail.com if you are interested in hosting and/or reviewing her book. Thank you!


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