How to Syndicate Your Guest Posts for More Exposure after Your Virtual Book Tour is Over

Winners Your virtual book tour has come to an end and although it was a lot of work involved, you’re a bit sad it’s over.  What do I do now, you ask?

Take advantage of all those guest posts you had to write and syndicate them.  I’d like to tell you why this is a good thing and how to go about it.

Syndicating your guest posts merely involves reposting them on websites that are looking for content.  There are hundreds of sites out there whether they are called content ezines or article banks, not to mention adding them to your own blog or asking your friends to repost them on their blogs.

Not only are you able to reuse all that priceless information that took weeks to write, you are getting you and your book out there in the search engines with no work involved on your part except for having to submit them.  Not only that, your bio that is included with your post will bring in new readers to your website where they can learn more about you and your book.  An added bonus to this approach is that your Alexa rankings will climb even higher as your link will be on all these high-trafficked sites so it’s a win win situation for the author looking to promote his/her book even further.  A virtual book tour never ends, it just needs a little more fuel to keep it going and by repurposing your guest posts, that’s just the combustion it needs to keep on going long after the tour is over.

To begin the process, make sure you give your guest posts a second look.  Were there any typos that need to be fixed?  Can you rework the title so that it shows up better in the search engines?  Your guest post might be reading The Story Behind Gone With the Wind and although it’s great your book title is in the guest post title, maybe you might want to play around with other key search words to include in that title to make it really stand out.  The purpose of your guest posts this go around is to get those Internet users who are using the search engines to find what they want.  Your title is the first place the search engine spiders see so make it count.

Make sure your bio is included when you send the guest post over to the content ezine, blog or article bank.  Make sure it is written in third person and includes not only your book title but your website link, twitter link, Facebook link, whatever other pertinent information that will entice readers to click over and find out more about you.

Once you have your guest post in top tip shape, it’s time to find websites to submit them to.

I have compiled the top ten content ezines according to Alexa so that you won’t waste precious time looking.  After all, your book buyer might be in the search engines now and you don’t want to miss the opportunity for another sale.

My Top Ten List of Content Ezines

Ezine Articles – By far the very best way to get exposure.  Traffic back to your website is insane.  Only 1 self-serving link in the body and one in the author resource box. Alexa ranking #524 – Alexa ranking 1,940

Buzzle – One of the lesser known content ezines but Alexa ranking is still pretty high so very worth your efforts.  Alexa ranking #1,944 – Alexa ranking 2,487 – Alexa ranking 4,775 – An often overlooked site for submitting content.  Alexa ranking 5,458 – Alexa ranking 11,788 – Alexa ranking 12,145 – Alexa ranking 12,482 – Alexa ranking 79,848 – Alexa ranking 140,654

And of course you can re-submit these guest posts to other blogs.  Just make sure they have no trouble with it being duplicate content.

Gigantic Perks for Syndicating Your Content

  • Your bio will be tagging along with each piece of content you syndicate.  Word your bio carefully to bring people to your website, blog or selling page for your book.
  • You gain credibility.  A few years ago I had the editor from the supermarket tabloid OK! Magazine email me with an opportunity to appear in their magazine with a quote on relationships.  I jumped at the chance and my quote appeared a few days later in every supermarket in the U.S. that stocked OK! Magazine.
  • Alexa rankings will climb.  The more blogs and websites that have your links (found in your bio), the higher in rankings you go.  Get your article syndicated to as many websites or blogs that will accept duplicate content.
  • Your website links will soar.  I’ve had authors tell me after taking a blog tour with us that they’ve never had so much traffic.
  • Your likes on Facebook and Twitter w ill increase.  For this to happen, leave your links in your bio.
  • One syndication might lead to another unexpected syndication.  Some blogs and websites syndicate their content to other zines and blogs so while you are having your article appear at their blog or website, it may show up in other places which gives you double and triple exposure.  Some of my own blogs are syndicated into USA Today, Reuters, Chicago Times, etc.  Don’t forget to put the title of your article (with quotes surrounding the whole article) in Google Alerts to see where else your article is appearing through syndication.  This also is good protection for you in case someone else is publishing it without your bio and claiming its their property (yeah, it happens).
  • Sharing buttons make it easy for others to spread the word about your article.  Most blogs and websites by now have learned how important it is to have social network sharing buttons on their blog.  This makes it super easy to send your article to Twitter, Facebook and others without having to leave the blog.

For the sake of keeping this article short, I will stop there.  Syndicating your content should be part of your book marketing campaign not only for the credibility but also for the hits, likes and friendships you form along the way.  Never underestimate your fan base and never stop building it.


Dorothy Thompson is owner of Pump Up Your Book, an innovative public relations agency specializing in online book promotion, book tours and social media marketing for authors.  She is also the co-author of the paranormal romance, Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost and co-author/compiler of the soul mate anthology, Romancing the Soul.  Visit her on the web at or visit her book blog at  Connect and socialize with Dorothy at Twitter at or Facebook at