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We are taking review requests for Linda Zander’s nonfiction/success/personal development/self help book, SUPER SIZED SUCCESS: 9 STEPS TO MAXIMUM RICHES IN MINIMUM TIME. This is an Amazon review campaign and not a tour. If requesting review copies, we ask that you post your review at Amazon no later than June 7. When you are ready to submit your review, come back and click the Amazon link below to take you directly to SUPER SIZED SUCESS: 9 STOPS TO MAXIMUM RICHES IN MINIMUM TIME’s Amazon page. Review copies will be sent in Mobi, ePub & PDF formats. Thank you!

Inside the Book:

Super Sized Success

Author: Linda Zander
Publisher: MAXAR Press
Pages: 138
Genre: Nonfiction/Success/Personal Development/Self-Help

Only Fragments of the True Definition of Success have been released throughout the last Century. Leaving behind it a broken path to success. Now, for the first time, in an era of unprecedented challenging times, at a time in history when it is needed the most, Super Sized Success courageously reveals the great missing link – providing you the direct and quickened path to success. The 9 Steps in Super Sized Success come together in a proven formula that—if you use them—gives you the power to achieve maximum riches in minimum time. Super Sized Success’s New World Reality definition of success and precise steps to achieve it make you so mentally, physically, intellectually, financially, and spiritually potent that you become super-naturally driven to excel at the highest levels of human achievement. The time has come—your time is now.


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