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Pump Up Your Book is pleased to bring you Mira Peck’s MY MEN !

Inside the Book:

My Men

Title: My Men
Author: Mira Peck
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 322
Genre: Fiction
Format: Ebook

Alina Sherwin has had to fight for every victory in her life. Raised in Poland, she moves to Australia with her family as a young girl. There, in the early 1970s, she becomes the first woman in her state to graduate with an engineering degree and quickly finds that her new industry won’t employ her. Undaunted by rejection from the Australian scientific community and encouraged by her new American husband, Wayne, Alina decides to move again, in hopes of finding what she desires in his homeland.

To her distress, Wayne’s unconditional love is marred by his desire for an open marriage. She is shocked—and intrigued. Convinced that Wayne would make a great father, she resolves to have a baby with him, as long as his yearning is limited to words. On a return visit to Poland, Alina regains confidence in her abilities and finds peace in leaving her childhood behind. The American society that spawned a secular constitution and a vibrant feminist movement, promises to be an inspiring new home. Alina is ready to seek fulfillment once again.


Meet the Author:

Like Alina, her protagonist in My Men, Mira Peck grew up in Poland and Australia and built a career in the United States. She has degrees in chemical engineering, business, and law. She has received a Goldfinch Prize twice for her writing (prose, 2010; poetry, 2011), and from the San Francisco 2012 Book Festival for Sour Cherry Tree, a multi-genre collection. She and her husband, David, have two children and live in Denville, New Jersey.

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