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Inside the Book:


Title: Demolition Love
Author: Layla
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Pages: 262
Genre: YA Dystopian

Welcome to the world’s only independent society of teenagers. In D-town, there are three genders—guys, femmes, and in-betweens. And there are three rules:

1. Keep your blood to yourself.
2. Agreements between gangs are binding.
3. The Dance is safe space.

The Dance, D-town’s all-night dance club, blasts a techno beat 24/7. The loud music protects the street kids from the sonic pulses the Global Government uses to control people’s moods. D-town is the only place on earth where people are free to feel their own emotions, and The Dance is its heartbeat.

When the Global Government announces plans to demolish The Dance and turn it into a recycling center, two street kids from enemy gangs team up to stop them.

Aidan is an in-between, a member of the middle gender. Lawson, on the other hand, is all guy. Aidan belongs to the pacifist, celibate Bee gang and follows the teachings of the Buddha. Lawson is a Real Dealer, a militant anarchist who doesn’t seem to believe in anything except violence and instant gratification. The two gangs don’t mix, but after Lawson saves Aidan from one of the frequent beatings Bees endure in D-town, Aidan can’t stop thinking about him.

The demolition sign brings the pair together to save The Dance, but their attraction might just destroy D-town before the wrecking ball does. That is, if the spies who have infiltrated the gangs don’t beat them to it.

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