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Abandoned in Paris

Inside the Book:

: Danica-Lea Larcombe
: Independent
: 378
: Travel Narrative

Danica is on her second journey around the world, but this time she has a partner to contend with.  Soon after they leave he turns nasty, threatening to leave her behind in London.  In Amsterdam he gets her deliberately lost while negotiating canals on an old Dutch bicycle.  She struggles with an insufficient map getting him lost in Toulouse in a camper-van that will not fit down the back streets.  He decides to drive for three days solid from Bavaria to Portugal then kicks her out of the camper in France.

Forcibly walked to a Versailles train station, she sits in a daze on the train to Paris.  Where will she stay?  What should she do? With broken dreams, little money, no job to go back to, and her possessions scattered over Western Australia, can she pick up her life again?

She walks her luggage up and down the streets of Cambronne desperately trying to find accommodation for the weekend.   Being high season she finally gets one night in a room so small she could not sit on the toilet.  With one day to make plans where could she possibly go?

But if you knew Danica you would know that she has a huge inner strength and can achieve miracles.  Overhearing a couple talk about Venice, Danica took this as a sign.  She searched for an Internet cafe, booked a flight for the following morning and two nights at a Venice hostel.  And so started the next chapter of her life.

Between discovering Italy, the United States, Alaska, Canada, and Costa Rica she rediscovers herself while regaining her confidence and zest for life.

Finally she gets transported back in time in Cuba where the opportunity for romance is everywhere.  Between the horse trainer, the cabaret dancer and the cheeky tour guide, which one will take her fancy?


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