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Amazon Review Campaign for Authors

Don’t have time for a blog tour? How would you like to kick back and have someone else find reviews for you and give you the guarantee they will post at Amazon, Goodreads and B&N?  Because our new Amazon Review Campaign special was so successful, we decided to extend our $99 special until further notice.  That’s right.  That’s $100 savings.  After all, we’re authors too and understand money is tight.  If you are an author with a newly released book or a previously released book, we can help.  No need to send out paperback.  Only digital copies are needed (PDF, mobi and/or epub).  If you are an author needing more information, read below.  If you are a reviewer wanting to sign up to review our books, scroll down.

finger pointing What are the advantages of a book review promotional campaign?

  • There is more value placed in someone else’s opinion of your book
  • Many promotional services such as BookBub accepts your book more readily if you can show you have lots of reviews
  • The more reviews you receive, the bigger buzz which attracts media
  • If you’re self-published and are looking for a traditional contract, lots of positive reviews gets the attention of publishers
  • Reviews attract other readers and they will more likely purchase your book to see what all the hype is all about
  • The more reviews you receive, the more Amazon will add more support knowing that this will influence other book purchases

finger pointing Okay so you’ve hooked me. Can you give me more details?

  • This promotional review campaign is available at the special price of $99 until further notice
  • This is not a blog tour – it’s for obtaining reviews and having the reviews posted at Amazon, Goodreads and/or B&N – wherever you want us to tell reviewers to post
  • Your book information will be sent to our almost 800 member email list
  • Your book review request will be promoted on social media daily for 3 months excluding weekends and holidays
  • No need to send physical books – you provide us with the PDF (if you have mobi and epub that works too) and we email the reviewer with your media kit and send them the digital file (don’t worry about the file getting in the wrong hands; we carefully screen reviewers we do not know)
  • The reviewers have a  3 month deadline from the time you agree to start this campaign to post their review
  • We keep records on when the digital file was sent and will follow up with the reviewer periodically
  • We will send you a notice when your review has been posted
  • As a bonus, we will place your book cover in the sidebar of Pump Up Your Book and will be displayed for the 3 month period so reviewers can sign up to review it (more promotion for you – book buyers may want to purchase your book on the spot)
  • Your campaign will begin 48 hours after the fee is paid and the application is sent back or if the author wants another start up date (due to the increase of review campaign inquiries, we may have to extend the time to get your book into the system but we will let you know in our initial contact if there is a delay)
  • This offer is available for newly released or previously released books

finger pointingWhat if my book isn’t on Amazon yet?

This is very, very important – your book needs to be up on Amazon when your campaign starts.  The reason for this is so that the readers have a link to go to to leave the review.

finger pointingHow many reviews do we get?

There is no guarantee on how many reviews you will get.  This depends on the book.  Once you have paid, there are no refunds.  However, if you receive zero reviews, your money will be refunded.

finger pointing Great! How do we sign up?

Please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Thank you!


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    I want to know if you obtain amazon reviews for the book “A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street”? Thanks!

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