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Desert Melody

Inside the Book

Author: Laura Evans Serna
Publisher: New Land Publishing
Pages: 219
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

For generations the Ahn, Voyan, and Humans have thrived living side by side. The ambitious Ahn need solitude.  The communal Voyan thought share and hear the voices of the sacred dead around them.  Now Humans are becoming more like the Ahn, and the Voyan are struggling.

Teagan is a single Voyan mother and wet nurse. She lost the ability to thought share.  Though she spends hours walking in the desert searching for the voices she once heard, she embraces her new found intellectual focus and is drawn into the Human world of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Teagan plans to go into hiding to avoid being forced back to a Voyan community where her daughter would be an outcast. However she meets Josh, a generous and handsome man who understands her better than anyone.  She loves him, and Josh takes an active role in parenting Teagan’s daughter.

Teagan discovers that her behavior is more Human than Voyan because she has been unknowingly medicated.  She is part of a secret and manipulative eugenics program designed by Josh’s best friend. Teagan questions her faith in Josh while needing him in her life more than ever. Once off the medication, Teagan loses her focus, and her dream of helping her people through research slips away.

Teagan is kidnapped by the Voyan and put into a lucid trance for months.  During this time she feels the desperation of her people.  But Teagan hears the call of the Kokopelli’s flute. She knows she is called for a purpose, and she escapes back to Human society.  At this point, though, Teagan can no longer speak verbally.  She asks the Ahn to continue providing her the medication so she can live as a Human and stay with her daughter and Josh.  She knows she is called to help her people.

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Blood Loss

Inside the Book

Author: Ashley Fontainne & Lillian Hansen
Publisher: RMSW Press
Pages: 261
Genre: Mystery / Suspense

Karina and LiAnn worked hard to put the awful memories behind them of the nightmare they walked into at The Magnolia and all the death and destruction caused by the former owners. As they settled into their new roles as managers of the upscale independent living facility, LiAnn reconnects with her true love and Karina continues to explore the new relationship with a sexy cowboy named Bo.

Each are haunted by the atrocities committed at The Magnolia and how close Karina came to dying at the hands of mafia monsters. With the help of her mother, beloved grandparents, new job, an enormous dog, and a hunky, younger man to keep her mind occupied, Karina lets her guard down, naively assuming the worst is over for her family.

Unfortunately, she’s wrong.

When one of the elderly residents of The Magnolia reveals the truth about a shady past, the entire Tuck family find themselves embroiled in one of Arkansas’s most notorious mysteries from 1957. The disappearance of a beloved attorney and her young charge was never solved, bodies never found, and even after over 60 years, Karina and LiAnn discover there are still those who intend to keep it that way.

Campaign over September 20

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Running With Monkeys

Inside the Book

Author: Diane Munier
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 367
Genre: Historical Fiction/Romantic

  1. The boys are home from the war. Jules is looking for a way into polite society, but it seems like the moogs that didn’t go overseas have moved so far ahead he’ll never catch up.

His luck seems to change when he goes to the movies with his buddies Bobby and Audie, the other two monkeys. They had marched across Europe together, and now they are picking up dames, drinking too much, and generally letting off steam.

Jules meets Isbe at the movies. Close dancing in a smoky club leads to love. The same night, Jules hooks up with the Irish mob. Worse, Isbe’s father is chief of police and he seems to be running in the same crooked circles as Jules.

Love is thawing Jules’ hard heart, the one needed for survival in his new and violent world. But Jules likes it on the edge. He’s out to win the girl, and make up for lost time but he’s walking a fine line between a bright future and disaster.

Campaign over December 10



The ABCs of Being Me

Inside the Book

Author: Theresa A. McKeown
Publisher: The ABC’s of Everything, LLC
Pages: 26
Genre: Children’s Picture Book

The ABCs of Being Me is meant to be a collaborative work of art created by both the author and the reader. Once completed it will serve as a permanent reflection of how the reader viewed themselves and their world at a particular moment in time. Part journal, part scrapbook and part photo album – each completed book will be a personal time capsule to be opened, remembered and cherished over the course of a lifetime.

Campaign over August 30

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Inside the Book

Author: Avery Daniels
Publisher: Blazing Sword Publishing
Pages: 282
Genre: Amateur Sleuth/Cozy Mystery

Julienne has her ideal job as an event planner at a prestigious resort. During a luncheon event she coordinated, a renowned celebrity pastor is killed next to the buffet. All eyes turn to her as the suspect. If she wants to stay out of jail or even keep her job, Julienne needs all the help she can get to solve the crime.

She has her work cut out for her with a vengeful high school rival now reporter, the public demanding she be fired, plus family who know what’s best for her, and a boyfriend who doesn’t understand her. She turns to friends and a new ally to uncover who wanted to put the pastor on ice.

Julienne goes undercover and investigates a local swingers group as she follows the trail of clues before they go cold. Can she gather enough suspects and motives to convince the police to widen their investigation? Can she do it before the killer sets his murderous sights on her? Will her personal life ever be as simple as unveiling a murderer?

Campaign over August 24



The Competition

Inside the Book

Author: Donna Russo Morin
Publisher: Diversion Books
Pages: 298
Genre: Historical Fiction/Thriller

In a studiolo behind a church, six women gather to perform an act that is, at once, restorative, powerful, and illegal. They paint. Under the tutelage of Leonardo da Vinci, these six show talent and drive equal to that of any man, but in Renaissance Florence they must hide their skills, or risk the scorn of the city.

A commission to paint a fresco in Santo Spirito is announced and Florence’s countless artists each seek the fame and glory this lucrative job will provide. Viviana, a noblewoman freed from a terrible marriage and now free to pursue her artistic passions in secret, sees a potential life-altering opportunity for herself and her fellow female artists. The women first speak to Lorenzo de’ Medici himself, and finally, they submit a bid for the right to paint it. And they win.

But the church will not stand for women painting, especially not in a house of worship. The city is not ready to consider women in positions of power, and in Florence, artists wield tremendous power. Even the women themselves are hesitant; the attention they will bring upon themselves will disrupt their families, and could put them in physical danger.

All the while, Viviana grows closer to Sansone, her soldier lover, who is bringing her joy that she never knew with her deceased husband. And fellow-artist Isabetta has her own romantic life to distract her, sparked by Lorenzo himself. Power and passion collide in this sumptuous historical novel of shattering limitations, one brushstroke at a time.

Campaign over August 13



God Send Me My Husband

Inside the Book

Author: Sherylynne E. Rochester
Publisher: Shekinah Publication & Communications, Inc.
Pages: 296
Genre: Christian Fiction

God Send Me My Husband, brought to you by bestselling author Sherylynne L. Rochester, comes a cautionary Christian tale that will sweep you away!

Are you a devout young Christian single that feels the right person might never come for you?

Are you thinking of just letting go and settling with someone that doesn’t feel right for your life?

Do you fear that maybe God has forgotten you and left you alone with no hope?

Get this amazing, enticing book by Sherylynne L. Rochester and let it remind you of what you may be forgetting; that He always has the best in store for us and all He asks for is simply our patience and faith – otherwise we may have to face the repercussions of dangerous and destructive relationships that lurk just around the corner!

Follow a Christian woman’s story as she learns the dangers of desperation!

Meet Laila, a woman of true values and Christian ethics that struggles between her fear that she may never find the right man to share her life with and her prayer to God to bring him in her path. What can happen if she lets herself stray from His loving embrace? What can happen if she allows desperation to overtake her?

Let her guide you through her inner thoughts, doubts, and fears as she finally meets her one and only – or is she letting herself believe that she does? In the end, is he her way to pure romantic bliss or a really great disguise for a pathway leading somewhere else?

Share the message she tries to convey. Strengthen your faith in the One who knows who the right one is for you and when it is the right time for you to meet the love of your life – even though it may feel like it takes a long time for marriage to come.

With amazing details, beautiful descriptions and exquisite emotional sharing, Sherylynne Rochester guides you through a brilliant story, answers your questions, shares testimonies, addresses your fears and soothes your soul by reminding you the simplest of truths; God who loves you is writing your love story – just have faith and don’t risk your soul’s integrity due to some moments of weakness; because some choices have irreversible results.

Campaign over August 12



Tell On You

Inside the Book

Author: Freda Hansburg
Publisher: Micro Publishing Media
Pages: 248
Genre: Thriller

Tell on You is a psychological suspense novel that best fits within the Gone Girl-inspired niche genre of “grip lit.”   Jeremy Barrett’s obsessive love equals that of Jay Gatsby for Daisy Buchanan, as life imitates art in his private school English class. But his angst-driven infatuation brings dire consequences as he is drawn into the machinations of his disturbed 16-year-old student Nikki Jordan, whose bad intentions rival those of her teacher.  A fast-paced, drama-filled tale, Tell on You reminds readers about the wildness and trauma of adolescence—and the self-defeating behaviors to which adults resort in times of stress. From gaslighting to vicious bullying, poisonous family privilege to the loss of a parent—Freda Hansburg draws on her experience as a clinical psychologist to explore the depths of each dark situation in Tell on You.

Campaign over August 9

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Harmony to Heartburn

Inside the Book

Author: Shelly Hickman
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 224
Genre: Women’s Fiction/Humor

It’s safe to say Anna’s path to wedded bliss was strewn with craziness, so the last three years of relative tranquility have been a welcome diversion. As she and Kiran embark on their new journey together, Anna’s hopes are high. However, family issues come bubbling to the surface.

First, her parents’ marriage is falling apart. After more than fifty years together, they’re bickering like kids and decide to take a break. And when her father moves in with Kiran’s cousin, Anna worries about her dad’s increasing impetuous behavior.

Then there’s Luke — Anna’s ex-husband. His long-term relationship has hit a rocky patch and he’s struggling to cope. As Luke turns to Anna for emotional support, Kiran is reluctant to express his own growing anxieties. When a huge misunderstanding arises, can harmony be restored?


Campaign over August 6



Moxie's Decision

Inside the Book

Author: Hank Quense
Publisher: Strange Worlds Publishing
Pages: 230
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Satire

Entertaining from beginning to end, MOXIE’S DECISION is uproariously funny and satire at its best.    A top pick! Indie Reader: 5 stars

Selected as one of 2016’s best YA novels: Huffington Post:  huff.to/2haqxLv

Moxie has a plan; she’s determined to rule as queen after her father, King Smedley, dies.

But Smedley refuses to acknowledge her as his heir. Her uncle also wants the throne and he’s already tried once to eliminate Moxie as competition.

Moxie recognizes she hasn’t been trained to rule and she needs lessons about the real world. Moxie goes on a quest to learn how to rule and to learn about life outside the castle.

Moxie faces unexpected obstacles as she struggles with adventures in a brutal reality that tests her mettle and determination.

This is a fantasy coming-of-age story that is decidedly different than the usual ones. The book is filled with satire and humor. What more can a reader wish for?

It takes place against the backdrop of Camelot, but this isn’t the Camelot of legends. It’s Camelot in a parallel universe where the Knights of the Round Table play football and Guinevere coaches the team’s cheer leaders. The wizard Merlin struggles to understand the Magic of the Mind using primitive ink stained diagrams and Stonehenge is a theater-in-the-round.

Moxie’s rollicking adventures are the stuff of comedy. Enjoy!


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  The Duke Needs a Wife

Inside the Book

Author: Katy Walters
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 190
Genre: Regency Romance Suspense

On the untimely demise of her parents, Miss Cassandra Whitney endures abject poverty raising her siblings. She faces further torment as her landlord, the odious Baron Scudder, threatens her with eviction if she refuses to assent to his offer of marriage to her younger sister Belle.  As Cassandra fights to save her family, she inherits a title, an estate and a ruin of a castle.

News of Cassandra’s inheritance travels fast, reaching the highest circles in the ton. The Dowager Duchess of Taunton immediately sees her as a worthy match for her son Maximillian the 6th Duke of Taunton a renowned rake hell. The dowager also plans to take control over the castle which would be a prestigious venue for her many balls and hunting weekends. However, neither Cassandra nor Maximillian have any desire to wed. The Duke is more than inclined to enjoy his various mistresses without the entanglement of matrimony, besides his time is mainly caught up with horses, gaming and his club. What with her siblings, the estate and a ruin of a castle to renovate Cassandra could not possibly entertain the idea of courtship.

Both did not anticipate the manipulative powers of the dowager who slyly arranges a meeting between them.

On seeing Cassandra, Max is suitably impressed with her wit and ironic humour. Already tiring of one of his mistresses, she would be a welcome replacement. Although charmed with his handsome looks and seductive overtures, Cassandra puts him firmly in his place.

Can Cassandra resist the devilish overtures of the Duke and the devious ploys of the dowager?

Campaign over August 3



  Big & Fabulous

Inside the Book

Author: Randi Sherman
Publisher: Friesen Press
Pages: 282
Genre: Humor Fiction

Imperfect, impervious and improving, plus size Brenda Cankles is an unlikely heroine. Unfazed by society’s censure, she is determined to realize the fabulous life she has always believed is her destiny.

Brenda’s story is told between the covers of BIG & Fabulous, The Life and Times of Brenda Cankles, the newest humor fiction novel by award winning author Randi M Sherman.  Here, find a fantastically real person, sometimes struggling to fit in, but mostly giving the rest of the world the mother-lovin’ bird. From her clunky childhood, through her stumbling yet optimistic adolescence to her full-figured and unapologetic emergence into adulthood, Brenda is a special brand of warrior. She is big, bold and beautiful. While the quirky cast of characters who surround her is eternally insistent that Brenda live her life in the background and fit into society’s mold, she will have none of it.

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  Diary of the One Swelling Sea

Inside the Book

Author: Jill McCabe Johnson
Publisher: Moon Path Press
Pages: 66
Genre: Poetry

Living on Orcas Island, Jill McCabe Johnson is a close neighbor to the sea. In her briny poems, she takes us even closer–letting us read the sea’s diary. From sea ground to surface, we see the intimate, inside story. Careful observation, precise research, musical phrasing, and active imagining surge through these poems. Ninety-five percent of earth’s oceans remain unexplored. What better metaphor for the vast mysteries of our existence–the constant change, the contamination, the resurgence, the essence of life and death. In these elegant poems, forces huge as magma shove up and forces delicate as brittle stars taste changes in sea water. Marvelous.

– Peggy Shumaker

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  Forward Motion

Inside the Book

Author: June R. Shrewsbury
Publisher: The ABC’s of Everything, LLC
Pages: 133
Genre: Adult Nonfiction

Forward Motion is a book that teaches readers how to navigate profound career and life alterations. A transformational tool for anyone facing or contemplating major life changes, June Shrewsbury leads her audience on a journey to their most fulfilling destination – the place where life is a true reflection of who they want to be. She provides a step-by-step process as well as personal assessment exercises that help the reader move through any major life or career evolution.

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  Revolutions We'd Hoped We'd Outgrown

Inside the Book

Author: Jill McCabe Johnson
Publisher: Finishing Line Press
Pages: 80
Genre: Poetry

In one of her essays, Audre Lorde brilliantly redefines the erotic as the capacity to fully experience every dimension of life, from the sensual to the political. Revolutions We’d Hoped We’d Outgrown marvelously illustrates Lorde’s vision. In poems that look at the toughness and tenderness of the body, the joy and dread of consciousness, and the complexities of the intimate and the social, Jill McCabe Johnson continually reaffirms “the lure of thrum, blossom, and burn.” As moving as they are wry and steely, Johnson’s poems are especially urgent in their explorations of the experiences of women in the world, and in their explorations of the psychic violence that pervades much of our daily awareness of contemporary life. Full of vivacity and brokenness, Revolutions We’d Hoped We’d Outgrown is poetry that we very much need now.

Rick Barot, author of Chord, winner of the PEN Open Book Award, the UNT Rilke Prize, and the Thom Gunn Award


Jill McCabe Johnson walks through the world aware of both privilege and peril. The pace of her perambulations allows her to exercise (pun fully intended) her keen powers of observation, her formal dexterity, and her considerable lyrical gifts. Revolutions We’d Hoped We’d Outgrown is full of street smarts, hard-earned wisdom, and an emotional depth that shows us how to face all our revolutions, how to survive with “deliverance and grace.”

Grace Bauer – author of The Women At The Well and Nowhere All At Once.

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  Fifo 50 States

Inside the Book

Author: Hayley Rose
Publisher: Flowered Press
Pages: 112
Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Fifo’s been bitten by the travel bug! Digging up diamonds in Arkansas, looking for fossils in Kansas, enjoying a delicious bowl of gumbo in Louisiana, and even seeing a Broadway show in New York. America is an exciting place!

In Fifo’s second book, told in rhyme, Fifo dreams about visiting all 50 states. A colorful reference-like book, Fifo discovers the wonders each state has to offer. He learns along the way each state s capital, shape, flag, motto, and much, much more. The possibilities are endless! So, come along with Fifo and you ll soon discover the beauty of America one state to another.

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Inside the Book

Author: Joni Parker
Publisher: Village Green LLC
Pages: 316
Genre: Epic Fantasy

Lady Alexin, Eledon’s Keeper of the Keys must continue to prove her powers when her grandmother, Lady Lestin and her friend, Lady Opaline of the Gossamer Elves are kidnapped by rebels and held for ransom. Alex attempts a daring rescue, only to discover that there is far more to this plot that she immediately suspected and the betrayal extends to the highest levels of the High Council of Elders.Threatened by rebel factions, suspected by Council members and under attack by deadly spiders, the young warrior has only her wits, her fighting skills and the powers of the Keys to help her. But will they be enough to save them all?

Campaign over October 3



  No More Magic Wands

Inside the Book

Author: George Finney
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 130
Genre: Business/Leadership/Management/Cybersecurity/Technology

Once upon a time there was a company that made magic wands, but when they were hacked all the magic in the world couldn’t prevent their data from being stolen. If that company had a chance for a clean start, what would they have done differently? The unlikely hero isn’t a security guy. She’s a business elf who makes it her mission to change the way her company does business from the top down.

Most books on Cybersecurity are written for highly technical professionals, focus on specific compliance regulations, or are intended for reference. No More Magic Wands is different…it takes complex security concepts and puts them into practice in easy to read, relateable stories.


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  Ava Moss

Inside the Book

: Joss Landry
: Book Beatles Publishing Ltd.
: 300
: Romantic Cozy Mystery

The story takes place in New York and is a romance and cozy mystery. The plot centers around Ava Moss who is feisty, funny, someone who planned her life all on her own never having enjoyed a family. At this time, Ava is determined to advance her career. When a friend at works gives her the birthday gift of a speed dating ticket, she meets someone she mistakes for one of her dates, and well, the plot goes from one twist to the next as Ava tries not to fall in love with her boss.

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