How much time do I need to invest in my virtual book tour?

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When my tour begins how much will I be on call on daily basis?

Today’s question is a really good one.  When an author signs up with us, s/he may or may not be familiar with virtual book tours at all.  Most by now have heard of them but it’s not until they actually embark on one do they realize how much time is involved getting prepared.  But the question asked deals mainly with how much time does the author have to invest once the tour gets rolling.

While we are out there pounding the cyber-pavement letting the world know about your book, I would strongly advise the author to be doing the same.  Once your blog stop goes live, you can add to the value of the tour by promoting it alongside us.  That’s double the efforts.  While the author may think that their followers won’t care or think you’re still at it self-promoting yourself, it all boils down to how much you want your book to survive.  It’s your baby after all.

I would strongly suggest doing 2 things.  One, go into your blog post and thank the host and make sure there are no questions from the blog host’s readers so you might want to pop in a few times a day.

The second thing I would suggest is to take the link and run it through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn and any other places you think would be useful.  If you have built up a good following, you are promoting your book to thousands of potential book buyers.

All in all, this should take no longer than an hour for you to do this and it will make your tour more successful.

Good luck and pump up that book!

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