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Welcome to Pump Up Your Book!  Planning a virtual book tour can be a time-consuming task for authors what with juggling family, career and writing books.  That’s where we can help.  There is no better way to get the word out about your book to the most amount of people than by putting your book on a virtual book tour.

Pump Up Your Book was founded in 2007.  Since opening our doors to authors looking for way to promote their books with the biggest amount of bang, we have handled almost three thousand book tours.  A few samples of what these authors thought of us can be found on our client testimonial page.

We started this company out of a real need for online sales since Amazon is the world’s #1 storefront when making purchases and books are definitely included.  At the time no one had even heard of virtual book tours, blog tours, etc.  There were only two virtual book tour companies out there at the time – one had folded and the other one charged thousands.  That was when we felt that authors needed a break – they deserved the best; yet they didn’t deserve to break the bank in the meantime. We all know that the right kind of publicity doesn’t come cheap.  But, isn’t there a way an author can get the kind of publicity that would encourage sales and not have to take out a second mortgage?  That’s where we come in.

Pump Up Your Book is an award-winning publicity company placing first in the P&E Readers Poll for Best Book Promotion Company in 2014, 2013 and 2012.

Pump Up Your Book is now an award-winning blog tour company that handles all of the aspects of virtual book touring from pre-buzzing your book before the tour starts to making sure buyers will find out about your book long after your tour is over.  If you are the author of a newly published book, have an upcoming release or just want to give a previously published book new life, a virtual book tour is your ticket.

We take care of everything so you don’t have to.  We set your tour up with book bloggers who will advertise your book by way of interviews, guest posts and reviews.  We act as the go between so you can write. All of our tour hosts’ blogs have passed our crucial tests so you won’t end up on blogs that aren’t worth your time.  Not only do we advertise your “stops,” but the book bloggers do, too.  It’s a win-win situation for them as they get more hits and a win-win situation for the author as well.

A virtual book tour with us is all about getting your book information to as many people as we can and minimizing the bruises along the way. One of our company’s secrets is that you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to get the same top-of-the-line performance you can get from us by paying less.  You may have noticed that Pump Up Your Book has quite a few authors whose books have become Amazon bestsellers and we’re happy with the results.  Who knows? One of your books could be Pump Up Your Book’s next bestseller!

Please note that we will be promoting your book to our over 11k Twitter followers and  over 6k Facebook followers and we will be sending your book information to our email list with over 800 bloggers with high standards in virtual book tour policies.  If you would like to view our stats, visit http://www.7secretsearch.com/www/pumpupyourbook.com.

Meanwhile, browse the site and see if you like what you see and contact us to represent your book!

For more information on our book publicity packages and to sign up, visit our Author Services page!

 About the Founder

Dorothy Thompson

Dorothy Thompson is President/Founder of Pump Up Your Book with over twelve years experience in book publicity. She is also the compiler/editor of Romancing the Soul (Zumaya 2004) and writes a syndicated relationship column for online and print publications including eNotAlone.com, MindBodySpirit Magazine, Singles Café, SinglesStop, Into the Mystic and other New Age publications. She also writes articles for the Eastern Shore News and The Daily Times.  Her upcoming book, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Soul Mates And Were Not Afraid to Ask, will be released in 2016.

Dorothy has appeared on Lifetime Radio with Donna Britt and the Around2It radio show with Delores Thornton at ArtistFirst Radio, as well as being featured in the Spring ’03 issue of Pleasant Living Magazine and has been quoted in the supermarket tabloid, OK! Magazine. Aside from writing and speaking, Dorothy is a book publicist and founder/owner of Pump Up Your Book, an award winning public relations company promoting authors, publicists and publishers on the web.  Dorothy has represented such celebrities as Paula Deen and Judge Glenda Hatchett, as well as representing other critically acclaimed authors such as John Locke, Claire Cook, Caridad Pineiro, Cody McFayden, Lisa Jackson, Ray Comfort, Jane Green and hundreds more.

Ms. Thompson resides on the beautiful island of Chincoteague, Virginia.  She enjoys biking, traveling and spoiling her beloved Maltese, Cody (aka Booder) and her high-spirited Sheltie, Khloe. Never a dull moment!

Follow her on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/pumpupyourbook.

You can email Dorothy at thewriterslife (at) gmail.com to inquire about your book tour!


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