Book Review: Hakim & Terrance Shadow Mystery by Bernadine Feagins

Hakim & Terrance Shadow Mystery
Author: Bernadine Feagins
Publisher: LuLu


Reviewed by: Cheryl Malandrinos

What would you do if one day you woke up and your dog was missing? Well, if you’re Hakim, you go find your best friend and start searching for clues. With the help of their families and friends in the neighborhood, Terrance and Hakim are sure to find Shadow.

In this debut release by children’s author Bernadine Feagins, two best friends set out to solve the mystery of a missing dog. Young readers will sympathize with Hakim as he searches for his beloved pet. They will also enjoy the friendship between the two boys that can become downright silly at times.

This is an adorable story with charming black and white illustrations to help make it real for the readers. Children will learn the importance of friends and family while following Hakim and Terrance on their adventure.

My only wish is that the book had been professionally edited because there are some mistakes in grammar and punctuation. That aside, Hakim & Terrance Shadow Mystery is a fun and easy read that kids will enjoy.