“When tour begins, how much will I have to be on call on a daily basis?”

books8888 Since Pump Up Your Book opened its doors back in ’07 (was Pump Up Your Book Promotion back then), we’ve had thousands of questions pour in about our services and about virtual book tours in general. Every Friday, I’ll be posting a new question to help everyone learn more about what we do and what virtual book tours can do for them. If you’d like to submit your question, click here.

Vincent asks:

When the tour begins, how much will I have to be on call on a daily basis?

The most successful tour is when there are team players and with virtual book tours, the team players are notably the tour coordinator, the author and the blogger who has agreed to post your interview, guest post, review or whatever it is they have agreed to post.

The three of us work together throughout the weeks prior to your tour to make sure everything is set up – all the interviews and guest posts are sent back to the tour coordinator who then sends them to the book bloggers, all of the promo has been sent out and everything is in place to begin.

If everything is set and good to go, then the next step would be in the promotions for each individual stop. This is the author’s one shot so we encourage the author to do the following:

  • Check on each stop daily to make sure your interview, guest post, book spotlight or review has gone up that morning.
  • Leave a comment thanking the blog host.
  • Check back throughout the day to see if there are any questions for you.

For the author who wants more of a hands on approach to helping get the word out about their blog stop, we offer the author suggestions on how to use the social networks to promote their stops and also other methods of getting the word out.

How you want to participate in the promotion of your blog stops is governed by how much time the author has and how willing they are.

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