Me and Bobby McGee Virtual Book Tour May 2011

Me and Bobby McGee

Join Chad Coenson, author of the comedic sci-fi thriller novel, Me and Bobby McGee, as he virtually tours the blogosphere May 2 – May 27  2011 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About Chad Coenson

Chad Coenson 2 13DDD 13DDDDD Chad Coenson was born in Orlando, FL, but he can barely remember that and pretty much spent most of the years following his birth in a nomadic state of perpetual motion until finally finding a home in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two dogs.   He has a degree in creative writing from the University of Arizona and spends his time “trying” not to take life too seriously.  Despite his generally adventurous nature and willingness to attempt almost anything, he has never had the opportunity to cast the first stone. Me and Bobby McGee is Coenson’s first novel. You can visit Chad on the web at

Latest News!

Chad Coenson just won an Independent Publisher Book Award!  Chad won the Silver Medal for Best Fiction in the West-Pacific Region.  Congratulations, Chad!

About Me and Bobby McGee

Me and Bobby McGee Prepare to embark on a thrilling comedic adventure seen through the booze-blurred eyes of Keesey Cypher, a government-trained killer with an ill-fated abundance of classified memories who has since resigned himself to a regrettable existence, sipping away his tainted past. It is this powerful thirst coupled with Cypher’s hunger for games of chance that leads him to New Orleans’ coziest dive-bar the day after Fat Tuesday where one night of seeming misfortune leads to a frighteningly funny reality of subversive politics, corporate greed, backwards logic, and star (double)-crossed romance. In this gripping social satire of modern times, Me and Bobby McGee pokes fun at the inane absurdities ingrained in our society, proving that freedom is truly subjective and karma is not just a philosophy, but a fate that is unwavering. And as an added bonus, for the careful reader and music fan, there are subtle connections throughout the novel to the classic folk song that inspired its title. In a world of terrible truths and impending doom, find out what happens when the only man with the power to stop it… decides not to.

Read the Excerpt!

Las Vegas at dawn is a world removed. The tips of the mountains against the sky accentuate the pastel colors of reawakening, but how does a colony of insomniacs react to that? In a city that never sleeps does time even exist? The empty eye sockets of all-night losers repel the rays of the vampire sun like crucifixes in hopes that the demigod idols composed of glass and neon will instruct them in the proper rituals of morning. Call girl pamphlets coast by on a tobacco-stained breeze advertising redemption for the disciples of loneliness. And those of us that still have a soul are left to be enchanted by greed and converse informally with the devil. But then again, “ Sin City ” is not for the righteous. It is a parallel universe where the wicked are exalted and numerous vices only make for a more respectable moral stance. There is no prayer for innocence, no clause in a contract of heresy; only the translucent dreams of the vain remain pure and unchanged by this electronic purgatory, this rest home for fallen saints and dead presidents.

Watch Chad at the Tucson Festival of Books 2011 – Part 1!

Here Chad is again at the Tucson Festival of Books 2011 – Part 2!

Here’s what critics are saying about Me and Bobby McGee!

“Raw humor embedded in every sentence, a masterpiece of comedic literature. The book is not hard to put down … it’s impossible.”

– Gary Sorkin (Pacific Book Review)

“Me and Bobby McGee is a funny, adventurous, provocative tale that readers will find completely astonishing and utterly entertaining.”

– Melissa Brown Levine (Independent Professional Book Reviewers)

“Me and Bobby McGee is a darkly-comedic, socio-political road trip in the disturbing legacy of Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson and Warren Ellis… This is the “Big Lebowski” of literature – addle-brained, slightly reprehensible, clever-as-hell”

– Jared Shurin (Pornokitsch Literary Blog)

“His writing is only believed after read, as he takes the reader through thought processes far beyond the boundaries of his plot and characters, and into the comedic reflections of our society, “Mars vs. Venus” relationships, and greed. Just when you think the book is about smuggling dope across the Mexican border, you get blind-sided with a twist and turn and off it goes in a new direction. “

– Gary Sorkin (Pacific Book Review)

“With the odd unexpected plot twist, an array of interesting and original characters, and an adventure that I’m sure only this author, Chad Coenson, could cook up, “Me and Bobbie McGee” is a story line that pays homage to Kris Kristofferson’s song by the same name. It’s not often my wife hears me guffaw and chuckle while reading a book for review, so despite it’s use of some course language and a bit of violence, this is at the top of my list if you’re looking for a recommendation…”

— Book and Movie Reviews by a Drunk Blogger

“I was hooked after reading the first page. I normally don’t get through a book in a week, but this was an exception…”

— Dude Literary Blog

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Me and Bobby McGee Virtual Book Tour Schedule

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Monday, May 2

Book giveaway & spotlight at The Book Faery Reviews

Tuesday, May 3

Interviewed at Working Writers

“Whether it is an immense fan-base or a modest following is irrelevant. If people are truly appreciating a writer’s work and understanding its purpose, the number of readers will inevitably increase over time.”

Wednesday, May 4 Chad Coenson - Examiner

Interviewed at Examiner

“I wouldn’t say I ever experience self-doubts with regards to my work, however, sometimes it does make me wonder if I am going to be lynched by religious radicals, tortured by the government, or tarred and feathered by an angry mob of offended Americans shouting unfounded ethnic slurs and threats of archaic violence.”

Thursday, May 5

Guest blogging at Booksake

“As a fan of risk and adrenaline rushes, there is nothing that excites me more than the convenience of ingesting products with labels that contain the phrase: “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA”.”

Chad Coenson - Booksake Friday, May 6

Book reviewed by Booksake

“The story, told from Keesey’s point of view does deliver much humor. Every single line in the book is a testament to just how witty our main character is.”

Tuesday, May 10

Guest blogging at Literal Exposure

“For the first time throughout the whole of my existence, my body truly felt balanced, pure, and perfect.”

Wednesday, May 11

Guest at Literarily Speaking’s May 2011 Book Panel

There is no question that social media has become a prevalent part of the modern world, so much so that many people have actually forgotten how to communicate verbally altogether.”

Chad Coenson @ Mad Moose Mama Thursday, May 12

Book reviewed at Mad Moose Mama

“I quite enjoyed the humour in this book, I love sarcastic, witty humour and I was pleasantly surprized to find that it didn’t fail throughout the book, Cypher manage to continually impress me and never strayed off character. I look forward to reading more of his writing style and seeing more of his thoughts on paper.”

Friday, May 13

Interviewed at As the Pages Turn

“When one writes sociopolitical satire or speculative fiction as I do, the plot is often incidental to the underlying themes and the true purpose of the piece.  That being said, almost everything I write is meant to be comedic, and therefore it is important to create a visibly humorous plotline so that I can aptly burry all of the deeper meaning behind it, making it such that readers who aren’t concerned with literary analysis can still enjoy the story, the jokes, and the absurdity.”

Chad Coenson - Must Read Faster Monday, May 16

Book Reviewed at Must Read Faster

“I haven’t literally LOL’d while reading a book in a good long time! This is a great book if you are into the random fun stuff!”

Tuesday, May 17

Book reviewed at Wakela’s World

“This is Coenson’s debut novel.  And what a way to debut!  He just rushed in screaming and I don’t think he will be leaving anytime soon.”

Wednesday, May 18

Interviewed at The Book Connection

Thursday, May 19

Interviewed at The Writer’s Life

Book reviewed at April’s Lifestyle Show

Friday, May 20

Guest blogging at The Book Bin

Monday, May 23

Book reviewed at Blog Business World

Tuesday, May 24

Interviewed at Review From Here

Wednesday, May 25

Interviewed at Literarily Speaking

Thursday, May 26

Book reviewed at Taking Time for Mommy

Friday, May 27

Chat & Book Giveaway at Pump Up Your Book’s Authors on Tour May 2011 Facebook Party

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Chad Coenson’s ME AND BOBBY MCGEE VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR ‘10 will officially begin on May 2 and end on May 27 ’11. Please contact Dorothy Thompson at if you are interested in hosting and/or reviewing his book or click here to use the form. Thank you!


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