The Mirror of Yu-Huang Virtual Book Tour May 2011

The Mirror of Yu-Huang

Join Christine Norris, author of the young adult fantasy novel, The Mirror of Yu-Huang (Zumaya Thresholds), as she virtually tours the blogosphere in May 2011 on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About Christine Norris

Christine Norris Christine Norris is the author of several works for children and adults, including the Library of Athena series and the Zandria duology. When she’s not out saving the world one story at a time, she is disguised as a mild mannered substitute teacher, mother, and wife. She cares for her family of one husband-creature, a son-animal, and two felines who function as Guardian of the Bathtub and Official Lap Warmer, respectively. She has also done several English adaptations of novels translated from other languages. She reached a new level of insanity by attending Southen Connecticut State University Graduate School’s Information and Library Science program, so that someday she, too, can be a real Librarian. She currently resides somewhere in southern New Jersey.

Her current book is a YA/Fantasy titled The Mirror of Yu-Huang.

Visit Christine on the web at Connect with her at Twitter at cnorrisauthor and Facebook at

About The Mirror of Yu-Huang

The Mirror of Yu-Huang Confucius never said anything about this.

Megan Montgomery, spending her second Christmas in England, was expecting peace and quiet over the holidays. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

First, the headmistress of St. Agatha’s College for Girls, Megan’s school, her school has strong-armed her father into hosting a huge New Year’s ball at their home. Next, she winds up playing hostess to a Chinese ambassador, his family, and his staff.  While the guests seem very pleasant, Megan is still uncomfortable. She’s been unlucky with houseguests in the past—like one of the guests died kind of unlucky. Of course, he also tried to steal one of the precious magical artifacts that are hidden in the Library of Athena, a cavernous room hidden beneath her home, so it wasn’t totally her fault.  Now hundreds of people will be crawling all over the manor.

Megan tries to relax and enjoy the holidays despite her home being turned into Grand Central, but her worst fears are realized when Megan receives a mysterious Christmas gift, one that links her to the Library of Athena. Now she’s on her guard, hoping to identify the culprit and learn just how much he or she knows about the Library, before someone gets hurt, or worse, she winds up inside another enchanted book.

Read the Excerpt!

“Good afternoon, students.”
“Good afternoon, Headmistress,” the students replied in unison.
“Ladies.” Her tone was a mixture of graciousness and authority. “First, I wish to thank you for another outstanding term.”
“Guess she hasn’t seen my exam marks yet,” Rachel murmured.
Claire shot her a reproving look. “Shh.”
Rachel crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue in a classic Rachel rebuttal.
“You have once again demonstrated the caliber of young woman we strive to cultivate here at St. Agatha’s.”
Rachel rolled her eyes.
Professor Spencer continued, nearly breathless with excitement. “I have one announcement before you move on to your afternoon classes. Next term, we will welcome a new student. While this is always a cause for celebration, this particular young lady warrants special consideration.”
Huh? Megan had a feeling she hadn’t rated a formal announcement or “special consideration” when she first came to St. Agatha’s. Most of her teachers had called her “American girl” for a week before they learned her name, and much of the student body treated her with disdain for longer than that. She didn’t feel bad about it now, since everything had worked out. She was curious, however, about who could cause the headmistress to be so excited she was nearly giddy.
Professor Spencer unleashed a beaming smile. “I am so pleased to announce that Miss Mei-Li Wen will be attending our wonderful institution.” She spread her arms wide, as if she had just bestowed a great gift upon
The hall was silent. Obviously, Megan wasn’t the only one who had no idea who Mei-Li Wen was, let alone why they should care she was coming to St. Agatha’s.
The headmistress’s satisfied expression slowly slipped off her face, replaced with one of disappointment and awkwardness. She swallowed hard, straightened her countenance and went on.
“Yes, well. Mei-Li is the daughter of Cheng Wen, who has just been appointed the Chinese ambassador to England. Ambassador Wen has chosen St. Agatha’s for Mei-Li, from all the other schools in this part of the country.”
So that was it—the girl was well connected. Megan suspected that, along with making a good impression on the ambassador if his daughter liked it here, Professor Spencer might persuade him to make a considerable donation to the school. Muttering crept across the room. Professor Spencer cleared her throat again.
“Due to the arrival of such an important visitor of state as Ambassador Wen and his family, and the fact they’ve chosen our school to educate their daughter, I have decided an appropriate welcome for them is in order.”
She stopped and waited—an obvious pause for dramatic effect. “I just finalized these arrangements, and I hope you will all be as excited about them as I am.” She looked over the gathered students, looking pleased with
herself. “In honor of the Wen family, St. Agatha’s will host a formal reception.”
“A party?” Rachel muttered. “That’s what all this was about?”
Claire gave her the evil eye, and the headmistress went on.
“This event will showcase the best St. Agatha’s College for Girls has to offer. The reception is set to be a gala affair—a formal ball.”
The girls all seemed to inhale at once; a rush of murmurs broke out in the hall. Megan couldn’t really make out what anyone was saying, but a ball sounded like fun. Beautiful dresses, dancing. She had never really
been to a fancy ball before. Might not be too bad.
Professor Spencer, her beaming smile renewed, raised her hands, and the room quieted.
“I thought you might feel that way. The ball will be held on New Years’ Eve, and not only will all of you be able to attend, but alumni of St. Agatha’s, school governors, and many important persons of state will also be invited. In preparation for the event, St. Agatha’s will remain open and will accommodate those boarding students who wish to stay.”
One of the professor’s eyebrows raised in a manner that suggested no one had better even think of leaving. She raised her hands to quiet the commotion.
“There’s more, ladies, there’s more.”
The whole hall seemed to hold its breath, wondering what wonderful news could follow. Megan’s attention, like everyone else’s, was focused on Professor Spencer.
“The gala will not be held here at St. Agatha’s. An event such as this requires a special venue. While our lovely school is well-suited for such an affair, I have chosen a more interesting location.”
Megan’s excitement vanished, and the sudden feeling of dread she’d felt when she’d spoken to Professor Spencer earlier returned in force. Everything suddenly came into sharp focus. The headmistress’s forgiving attitude when Megan plowed into her, and Spencer’s questions about her father’s whereabouts. Realization struck her like lightning.
Please tell me he didn’t!
Professor Spencer gave voice to Megan’s fear.
“Mr. Donald Montgomery, the father of our own fourth-year student Megan Montgomery, has graciously offered the use of The Parthenon, their beautiful manor home, for this event.”
Every head in the room swiveled in Megan’s direction, and she suddenly felt like she had been thrust beneath a spotlight wearing nothing but her underwear. Her face burned like she had a bad sunburn. She couldn’t believe her father would do this.
He didn’t even ask me first! What was he thinking!

Here’s what critics are saying about The Mirror of Yu-Huang!

Fantasy fans will enjoy this latest addition to the Library of Athena series. The ending leaves it open for another book and confrontation. Can’t wait to read more!

—Kim Baccellia, YA Books Central

Magic, action, adventure and interesting characters make this a very good read.  Visit your local bookstore and pick up a copy.  Be sure to check out the first two books in the series – you may want to get them all!

—Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie

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The Mirror of Yu-Huang Virtual Book Tour Schedule

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books kk Monday, May 2

Book reviewed at YA Central

“Fantasy fans will enjoy this latest addition to the Library of Athena series. The ending leaves it open for another book and confrontation. Can’t wait to read more!”

Guest blogging at The Book Bin

“When I was shopping my first book around, I was a total newbie, knew NOTHING about publishing or agents or any of it.”

Christine Norris - Literarily Speaking Tuesday, May 3

Interviewed at Literarily Speaking

“I’m always reaching for something bigger, which some call ambition and some dreaming. I think I’d just want more people to read my books. There’s all kinds of stuff that comes with that, but that’s what I want.”

Wednesday, May 4

Interviewed at The Writer’s Life

“I think a lot of writers, nearly 100%, believe their book should be published.  Most of them, I think, believe that they have something to say, a story to share, with the world.  Some do it because they think it’s a quick way to get rich, but I’ll tell you it’s the slowest get-rich scheme ever developed.”

Thursday, May 5

Interviewed at As the Pages Turn

“It’s like planning a vacation – you know where you’re going, and how you’re going to get from one place to the next, but you don’t know what’s going to happen once you get there.”

Christine Norris - Kim Baccellia Friday, May 6

Interview & book giveaway at Kim Baccellia’s Si, se puede! Yes We Can

“I used to be kind of all over the place, just writing and writing and then sort of flailing about while I revised and rewrote. But I think I’m a little more streamlined now; I think more about characters and plot before I write.”

Monday, May 9

Interviewed at Beyond the Books

“I love when kids come up to me and tell me they loved a book I’ve written. I think that’s the best reward in the world.”

Christine Norris @ The Book Faery Reviews Tuesday, May 10

Guest Blogging at The Book Faery Reviews

“I’ve always loved fantasy, starting from when I was very young—I was a fairy tale junkie. I bought a book of Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales at a yard sale when I was 9 or 10, and read every single story over and again.”

Wednesday, May 11

Guest participant at Literarily Speaking May 2011 Book Panel

I am a big Facebook and Twitter user. I think LinkedIn is less social and more business. I use them to update people about events, talk about writing, and just be myself, which I think is part of promotion, that readers can touch that little bit of something they might not usually get to. I can also post links to my blog through my Twitter, and I syndicate my blog through my Facebook Author Page. I use Tweetdeck to be able to update any of my accounts or all of them at once.”

Thursday, May 12

Interviewed at Examiner

“I have days when I love and hate the same page of manuscript. It’s a very complicated relationship. I find the best thing is to put it aside and come back to it when I’m in a different frame of mind. Often the same pages I hated yesterday, I’ll love tomorrow.”

Interviewed at Jenn Dixon

“I find that reading while writing is a good way to ‘refill my well’ – when I’m all out of ideas or having a hard time, reading other people’s words is a way to inspire myself. When I’m reading something really good, my fingers start to itch.”

Friday, May 13

Interviewed at The Bookworms

“Sometimes, but not often. I just put on my mp3 and hit Shuffle usually—and the playlist looks like someone just threw up the history of music. I have disco, 80’s, modern country, pop. I’d call it eclectic, others might call it insane. Those people probably aren’t too far off.”

Monday, May 16

Interviewed at American Chronicle

“I think that there are pros and cons of having an agent, but I´m at a point in my career that I think I´d like to have one. None of my publishers require agents to submit, and they´re small enough that it´s not really an issue.”

Wednesday, May 18

Interviewed at Blogcritics

“Laugh more often. Laugh at yourself, learn to enjoy life and see the positive. Make today better than yesterday, because it all goes by much too fast. And if there’s something you want to do, don’t wait, just go and do it!”

Thursday, May 19

Interviewed at The Children’s and Teens’ Book Connection

Friday, May 20

Guest blogging at As I Turn the Pages

Monday, May 23

Interviewed at The Book Connection

Tuesday, May 24

Interviewed at Paperback Writer

Wednesday, May 25

Guest blogging at Literal Exposure

Thursday, May 26

Book reviewed at Review From Here

Friday, May 27

Chat & Book Giveaway at Pump Up Your Book’s Authors on Tour May 2011 Facebook Party

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Christine Norris’ THE MIRROR OF YU-HUANG VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR ‘10 will officially begin on May 2 and end on May 27 ’11. Please contact Dorothy Thompson at if you are interested in hosting and/or reviewing his book or click here to use the form. Thank you!

If you would like to book your own virtual book tour with us, click here to find out how!

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