Susan Kronick to appear in Vienna newspaper because of virtual book tour

Susan Kronick A big congratulations goes to Susan Kronick, who has been touring with us since April.  Her paranormal novel, Sarah, They’re Coming for You, takes place in Austria and it seems one of the interviews  or guest posts that she wrote for one of her blog stops appeared last week in the Vienna, Austria, newspaper “Heute” (translates to Today).

Not only that, she has been “friended” on Facebook by members of the Vienna Paranormal Society (Ghosthunters) and she’s a hit in Vienna!  They have asked her to meet up with them in Vienna the next time she’s over there and coincidentally she will be in Austria with her sister next month and will be meeting them for coffee!

This is so exciting for not only Susan but for us, too.  People wonder what difference a virtual book tour makes.  If you have stops on the right places, you never know where you’ll be picked up and it could mushroom from there.  Vincent Zandri was just picked up by USA Today a couple of weeks ago, so the possibility of it happening for you is just as possible.

We at Pump Up Your Book are sending Susan a hearty congratulations for a job well done and we wish her much success!