Homecoming – Osguards: Guardians of the Universe Virtual Book Publicity Tour August 2011


Join Malcolm Petteway, author of science fiction novel, Homecoming – Osguards: Guardians of the Universe – Book 1 (Rage Books LLC), as he virtually tours the blogosphere August 1 – 26 2011 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About Malcolm Petteway

Malcolm Petteway Malcolm Dylan Petteway is a senior military analyst, a retired military officer and a twenty-year veteran of the United States Air Force. He flew B-52’s as an Electronic Warfare Officer and has 3,000 flight hours and 300 combat hours. In his distinguished career, Malcolm has used his knowledge in the art of war, military weapons and combat defenses in planning over 400 combat sorties.  Besides his Meritorious Service Medal with three oak leaf clusters and numerous other awards, Malcolm is the recipient of the U.S. Air Force Air Medal and the U.S. Air Force Air Achievement Medal for his actions during Operation Enduring Freedom. Malcolm Petteway is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and California State University.

His latest book is Homecoming – Osguards: Guardians of the Universe (Book 1).

You can visit Malcolm at http://www.ragebooks.net.

About Homecoming – Osguards: Guardians of the Universe

Homecoming For centuries the planets of Kulusk and Chaktun have battled in the heavens above Earth. In 1860, twin Chaktun princesses, Laurona and Nausona Osguard, fled to Earth and were beaten and raped as slaves in the United States’ antebellum south. Unbeknownst to the people of 21st century Earth, their descendants, the Osguards now govern a universal peacekeeping organization called the Universal Science, Security and Trade Association of Planets—USSTAP. The First Osguard, Michael Genesis leads the Osguards in protecting the 60 known galaxies of the universe from Kulusk tyranny. Now Earth has become an unwitting pawn in the Kulusk Empire’s thirst for revenge against the people of Chaktun, forcing Michael to prepare USSTAP, for the first time, to go on the offensive and wage an all out universal war. If he is successful, many people will die, and if he is not, Earth will be destroyed.

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“Petteway is a veteran Air Force Officer and uses his knowledge to bring a very believable description of battle techniques and strategies. This is a very readable and enjoyable novel. It reminded me of Julian May’s stories of the Remillard Family in her Pliocene Exile stories and the Galactic Milieu Trilogy and that could only be seen as a good thing.”

— Barry Hunter
Editor Baryon Magazine

“Like a good play, it captivates its audience! As I read this action-packed science fiction adventure, I was reminded of those early day pulp tales of space opera and ground-breaking stories of new – and alien races that populate the universe. The author’s military background brings the reader believable combat
encounters and terminology. His characters are strong and dedicated to their survival, and the survival of their race. The reader is pulled into the story head first, and must fight alongside the Osguards in all of their endeavors. It is a fun and exciting read, and like a good play, it captivates its audience!”

Tom Johnson
Editor Fading Shadows Magazine

“Malcolm Dylan Petteway has written a believable science fiction novel where he creates entirely new worlds. Racism in the United States exists whether it’s against black space aliens or its own citizens. It is an exciting book that encompasses very realistic war scenes, the real tragedies of the slave trade and the pushiness of the FBI. The characters were so well developed it felt as if you knew them personally, especially the princesses and the main Osguard, Michael David Genesis. It is a fascinating story that can be enjoyed by everyone, including those who are not huge fans of science fiction. I highly recommend this book.”

— Reviewed by Alice Holman The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers Black Book Reviews

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Book Excerpt:

“Defender two two-zero one flight, this is USSTAP G.P. Nausona. We have you
on range.”
“Copy that,” replied Patricia Genesis.
Patricia glanced at her instrument panel and read the distance to go meter.
She had been on long-range patrol before, but this one seemed extraordinarily
longer than most. The fatigue was about to overtake her.
Twenty more minutes…she reminded herself…twenty more minutes and she
would be on the deck of her galaxy protector. She looked at the ship-to-ship
readout to check on her wingman. Centurion Adnuk Nospmoht, from Grimn,
had served as her Centurion of Operations for a mere two months. They were
still trying to feel each other out. Her last Centurion of Operations retired to
take a nice little job with a firm on his home planet. He had served with her
for four universal years on the Galaxy Cruiser Vision, before he retired. Patricia
thought of it as a sign of disloyalty or a sign of disrespect that he didn’t follow
her when she took command of the Galaxy Protector Nausona. She could not
figure out which yet. Nor did she dwell on it as much…except for these long-
range patrols.
Now she had another Centurion of Operations, a watchdog from the Miter
Line Galaxy, to ensure she had the Galaxy’s best interest at heart. Oh how
she envied her brother, Michael. At least he was an Osguard of his indigenous
galaxy. It was tougher for the other fifty-nine Osguards to hammer control
and demand respect from a galaxy with a population different from them. But
somehow she managed…
A loud thump followed by the sharp tilt to the starboard side erased her
concentration. She thumbed the controls with her right hand to stop the tilt,
thanking God for the tubular binds keeping her arms in place and her hands in
the ready position on the controls.
“Defender lead, this is two. What is your situation?” demanded Adnuk.
“Defender two, this is lead,” Patricia responded studying her controls. “It looks
like I lost my starboard engine…repeat…it appears I lost my starboard engine.”
“Standby lead, I am coming in for a better look.”
Adnuk, who was twenty-two marks away and two-thirds a galactic plane below,
adjusted his speed to full hypersonic to catch his lead defender. Thirty seconds
later, he thumbed his left horizontal control thrusters to match galactic plane

settings. As he approached, he slowed to one-third hypersonic speed to match
lead’s speed. He looked up to surmise his lead’s damage.
Patricia’s defender’s starboard engine was missing from the half spar. A slight
fire had occurred but was snuffed out by the oxygen absent space. That was
the good thing about space—explosions seldom left fires. And that is what
Adnuk saw, an engine that had exploded.
“Lead this is two. Your starboard engine has exploded and is no longer
operating. Have you applied engine shutdown procedures?”
“Tiah!” Indicating she would comply.
“How is your energy?” asked Adnuk.
“I’m pissing away my energy at two lengths per universal minute,” she
“Yeah, I was afraid of that. It looks like dialairtic gas is venting from the
starboard engine. Can you close the energy vent to the engine?”
“Tried that…no luck.”
“Defender two two-zero one, we have you on scanners, we are moving to
your position…repeat we are moving to your position. Shut down and wait for
us…repeat shut down and wait for us. We will be there in ten minutes,” came
the voice from the G.P. Nausona.
Another thump and a hard pull to the left started Patricia’s defender into a
spin. Then the ship shot at hypersonic speed toward the uninhabited planet
fifty marks away from them. It was like the engines slung her in that direction.
“G.P. Nausona, this is Defender two two-zero one. I have lost port engine. I am
in a cylinder spin. No thrusters, no energy…repeat…no thrusters and no energy.
I see a category ‘C’ planet, trying to adjust pitch control to miss the planet,
but I am being pulled by its gravitational force…I am being pulled—“
Patricia’s voice dropped off as the gravitational pull of the planet and the
cylindrical spin of her defender applied forces on her body with such magnitude
it caused her to black out. Her body remained strapped in position and her
helmet and clear chromerion mask automatically applied oxygen. But the
forces draining the blood from her brain overcame any recuperative actions the
flow of oxygen could effect. Her mind drifted into a cloud of darkness, she lost
all feeling and her body unconsciously fought the weight of the gravitational
forces pushing against it. As she approached the planet’s atmosphere the
defender’s chromerion shields deployed offering her some protection.
Yet the cockpit became hotter and hotter as the ship entered the planet’s
atmosphere. Adnuk could see the ship begin to burn. He knew the angle was
too steep for safe entry.
He had to do something, but what? Then without thinking, Adnuk sailed his
defender at hypersonic speed toward Patricia. He inched his way through
the hot atmosphere and deployed his grappling hook. He timed the spin of
Patricia’s defender so the hook would catch her defender at what was left
of the port engine. It grabbed the port engine spar. The torque of Patricia’s
defender bent the line and began to spin Adnuk’s ship.
Adnuk applied reverse engine power and opposite roll control. The hook pulled
and tugged at Patricia’s defender, stopping the spin, but the two defenders

were locked in a wobbly descent toward the planet’s surface. Adnuk pushed
the engines to their limit, but he could not get reverse pull. The gravitational
forces, along with the lifeless weight of Patricia’s defender, were too much
for his engines. His cockpit began to burn as he saw his chromerion field
deteriorate from the heat of the atmosphere.
“ARIT calculate and execute entry trajectory for us,” Adnuk yelled.
The ARIT thrusters ripped and roared as his reverse engines slammed to
idle. The ships sliced through the atmosphere at one-half hypersonic speed,
more than ten times the cautionary speed for planetary atmospheric entry.
Adnuk recognized this and applied reverse thrusters after clearing the upper
atmosphere. The gravitational weight along with the G-force of falling at one-
half hypersonic speed was too much pressure for the grappling hook. Adnuk’s
ship jerked away with such a force that he slammed against the cockpit
The grappling arm ripped from its grip about five marks from the surface. As it
ripped, it shredded what was left of the port engine, sending a spark through
the venting lines to the cockpit. The spark ignited the energy and colored a
path of fire to the control panel in the cockpit. Many flashes and explosions,
like firecrackers, danced in the cockpit as the spark found new life with every
hot wire and button it came into contact with.
The life support sensors indicated an impending fire in the cockpit and
executed an immediate ejection for the unconscious Patricia. The canopy blew
and the seat fired its occupant out into the cold air of this strange planet. As
the seat fired, the oxygen feeding Patricia’s mask fueled the last spark and
exploded what was left of the defender into a million pieces. Patricia barely
cleared the explosion as her body tumbled the remaining two marks before her
parachute opened.
Her right arm felt like it was on fire when Patricia awoke. Her head hurt like
hell and the pain in her left leg was excruciating. She had landed in a field of
tall grass. She was on her back looking at the night sky of…of what… Where
the hell was she? Last she could remember, she was in a crippled defender,
spinning off into…into a planet. Oh God, was this the planet? Had the defender
ejected her? What a ride! What a rush! And she was unconscious for most of it.
What had happened to her, she wondered.
She tried to move, she tried to bring her right arm up—nothing. In her mind,
she could feel her arm moving, but she didn’t see her hand where her mind
told her it should be. Again, she moved her arm—at least, so she thought. She
turned to her right side.
She screamed. All she could do was, scream. Her arm was gone. Nothing left of
it but blood and mangled seared flesh. Her leg…her left leg…it was gone too.
Again, nothing remained but burned seared flesh and blood. She screamed…she
screamed… The scream rang in the night air like a church bell. All she could do
was, scream.

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books kk Monday, August 1

Book spotlighted at Literarily Speaking

“Defender two two-zero one flight, this is USSTAP G.P. Nausona. We have you
on range.”
“Copy that,” replied Patricia Genesis.
Patricia glanced at her instrument panel and read the distance to go meter.
She had been on long-range patrol before, but this one seemed extraordinarily
longer than most. The fatigue was about to overtake her….”

Tuesday, August 2

Guest blogging at The Story Behind the Book

“I conceived Osguards when I was young traveling to Jacksonville, North Carolina for a family reunion. There I met relatives I never knew I had from all parts of the country. The reunion was held on land that was the plantation my forefathers and mothers worked. More spectacular, we were celebrating being a family on that very land.”

Reviewed and Interviewed at Literary Wonders

Mr. Petteway combines third world galaxies, political propaganda and military speak to form a great novel that will win over the hearts of sci-fi fans.”

Wednesday, August 3

Interviewed at Pump Up Your Book

“Never quit. I’ve only quit one thing in my life. That decision has altered my life and maybe even my very soul. Never quit. Fortitude sends a better message of who you are and what kind of character you have. Because once you quit, it becomes easier to quit again. Then all you are doing is quitting every time you are challenged.”

Thursday, August 4

Guest blogging at The Book Faery Reviews

“Chasing a dream, we all have dreams we chase. Some call them goals and some call them rewards. Sometimes chasing a dream is like a dog chasing his tail. You can see it, it’s part of you, but you just can’t quite grasp it. We all have chased a dream, but have you been chased by a dream? I want to tell you about a dream that is chasing me…even to this day.”

Friday, August 5

Book reviewed at Midwest Book Reviews

“Homecoming is a fast paced work of science fiction intrigue, highly recommended.”

Monday, August 8

Interviewed at Review From Here

“I am my biggest critic. I can see the outstanding skills and techniques in other writers, but I regularly fail to recognize those same skills and techniques in my writing. My wife, family, friends and fans have to remind me on occasion.”

Tuesday, August 9

Interviewed at Beyond the Books

“It was exhilarating and a little bit frightening at the same time. It was great to see my work produced in a book. This was my creation, my story, told from the depths of my imagination. But it was frightening because now people, sometimes total strangers, were going to have the opportunity to delve into my mind and see how it worked.”

Wednesday, August 10

Interviewed at Blogcritics

“My favorite aspect of writing is mastering the plot. I love to meld complex storylines into an exciting novel. I love to weave the intricate details from the beginning of a story into a well thought out and executed plot. I love to hear when the reader says I didn’t see that coming, but the clues were there from the beginning.”

Thursday, August 11

Book reviewed at Geek Girl Reviews

Friday, August 12

Guest blogging at Reviews by Molly

“In life we all need role models, someone that shines the light of inspiration to fuel our aspirations. The entertainment media, like books, usually provide that inspiration through strong characters doing the right thing during difficult situations.”

Monday, August 15

Interviewed at Examiner

“There are so many aspects of promotion that work, it is hard to narrow them down. In fact, I believe promotional tools work better with a synergistic approach rather than a unilateral approach. However, if I had to pick one, I would tell a new author to fight for reviews.”

Tuesday, August 16

Interviewed at The Book Connection

“Never quit. I’ve only quit one thing in my life. That decision has altered my life and maybe even my very soul. Never quit. Fortitude sends a better message of who you are and what kind of character you have. Because once you quit, it becomes easier to quit again. Then all you are doing is quitting every time you are challenged.”

Wednesday, August 17

Book spotlighted at Book Marketing Buzz

Thursday, August 18

Interviewed at The Writer’s Life

Homecoming is a military science fiction book; written in the same fashion as Star Trek, Star Wars and Star Gate books. It is the first book in a series of four novels. It tells the adventures of Michael David Genesis and his family, the Earth-born Osguards.”

Friday, August 19

Guest participant at Literarily Speaking August Book Panel

Monday, August 22

Guest blogging at Literal Exposure

Tuesday, August 23

Interviewed at As the Pages Turn

Wednesday, August 24

Interviewed at Allvoices

Thursday, August 25

Guest blogging at The Book Bin

Friday, August 26

Chat with Malcolm at Pump Up Your Book Live! Chat Book Giveaway Party! (link coming soon)

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