The Realmsic Conquest by A. Demethius Jackson Virtual Book Publicity Tour November and December2011

Join A. Demethius Jackson, author of the fantasy/epic -adventure novel, The Realmsic Conquest: The Candle of Crest (CreateSpace), as he virtually tours the blogosphere November 14 – December 16 2011 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About A. Demethius Jackson

A. Demethius Jackson, is a graduate of American University’s School of Communications in Washington, DC. His written works span numerous forms of media such as music and television, and he has held positions at national and international media companies.

The Realmsic Conquest is his first novel.

About The Realmsic Conquest

Realmsic Book Cover The Realmsic Conquest is a fantasy epic-adventure based upon a magical kingdom known as the Realm. From its establishment, it has remained the only kingdom in existence that possesses magic. As a result, it has never known peace.

For countless centuries, the Realm has defended itself against conquerors seeking control of its power. But now facing its greatest peril, the realmsic heroes must battle the wicked, face overwhelming circumstances, and follow ancient lore to obtain the greatest treasure their kingdom will ever know… peace.

Written as an epic-poem, the story is easy to read and follows the tradition of other epic works such as The Canterbury Tales and Beowulf.

Book Excerpt:

1. It was our fate, a fall from grace
2. that led us here this time and place.
3. I pondered deeply inside of my mind
4. the questions for answers too hard to find.
1. The past events of infamous days;
2. a land full of chaos not yet to be saved.
3. The Realm is a kingdom of constant war
4. with many invaders that pound at its door.
1. My name is Leoden, of Cyperus Clan.
2. I am the defeater of Damian!
3. But now that the Realm has been struck at its core,
4. I‟ve come to its aide and defense once more.
1. The Realm suffered greatly from Damian‟s reign.
2. The Warlord‟s defeat is what freed them from pain.
3. The Realmsic Conquest was a great victory,
4. but now lies an outcome we can‟t foresee.
1. Where once we fought Legions, destroyers of truth,
2. we now face a merciless army of troops
3. whom swiftly invaded and wounded the King,
4. yet oddly retreated their triumphant sting.
1. So now, with no answers and no one to fight,
2. the kingdom appears to be manic with fright.
3. And widespread anarchy now lies in our midst
4. from those who fear Maebus no longer exists.
The Realmsic Conquest
1. While seeing the Realm in this miserable state,
2. I rode to King Maebus‟ castle with haste.
3. Once there I met up with his Grand Wizard, Kelm
4. to hopefully save both the King and the Realm.
1. I prayed while King Maebus laid injured in bed.
2. The masses believe that he truly is dead.
3. But still he holds on „til the candle is lit,
4. embracing the pain that his wounds inflict.
1. I‟ve much admiration for one so brave,
2. yet his lacerations are far too grave.
3. His power and strength is what‟s getting him by,
4. but without the candle, King Maebus will die!
1. The Candle of Crest of the Hellish South Plains
2. is buried somewhere in the mountain terrains.
3. The Realmsics believe when the candle is lit,
4. it heals injured bodies with fumes it emits.
1. The candle is all that King Maebus will need,
2. yet no one has seen it for centuries.
3. However, we know that its legend is true,
4. but now it appears we are desperate for clues.
1. I didn‟t quite know where to start our search.
2. But Kelm seemed to already be at work.
3. For deep in the subs of this castle lies
4. an archive with bookshelves filled high as the sky.
The Realmsic Conquest
1. The archive is where we should start the search
2. for the Candle of Crest – the Icon of Earth.
3. What book to begin though, I know not where.
4. But maybe we‟ll find its location in there.
1. I hope so Kelm, for King Maebus‟ sake,
2. for time will determine his ultimate fate.
3. Then let us proceed to the archive below,
4. and pray that the winds of good fortune blow!
1. We left our dear friend with his caretakers
2. then walked down the corridor and spiral stairs.
3. The hallways were silent. The lights were dim.
4. The setting and mood seemed to signify, grim.
1. I felt my anxiety build with each breath,
2. which made my heart pound like the force of my steps.
3. Kelm remained calm. He was sure we‟d succeed
4. finding the info for what we would need.
1. We passed by as torches burned high on the wall,
2. and stopped by a door down the end of the hall.
3. As Kelm glided pass and creaked open the door,
4. I stood in amazement by what we saw.
1. This glorious archive was massive with space.
The Realmsic Conquest
2. It‟ll take us forever to search this place!
3. Its thousands of bookshelves in unified rows,
4. meant thousands of stories not yet to be told.
1. Usually Fable is in here to help.
2. He knows every book, every section and shelf.
3. His knowledge of history stands alone.
4. But this time it looks like we‟re on our own.
1. Then we should split up.
That‟s a good idea.
2. You start over here. I‟ll begin in the rear.
3. With that, we departed. In no time at all,
4. we started to scan through the shelves so tall.
1. I grabbed about three, maybe four books I took,
2. then sat at a table and started to look.
3. While reading so diligent page by page,
4. I learned of old kingdoms and wars that were waged.
1. I read that King Gregor, the Ruler of Lear,
2. set monarchy standards for thousands of years.
3. And also the sorcerer Ramsus Bane

Giveaways, Contests & Prizes!

In celebration of A. Demethius Jackson’s book tour, he will be appearing at Pump Up Your Book’s 1st Annual Holiday Extravaganza Facebook Party on December 16. More than 50 books, gifts and cash awards will be given away including two copies of The Realmsic Conquest! Visit the official party page here!

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A. Demethius Jackson’s THE REALMSIC CONQUEST VIRTUAL BOOK PUBLICITY TOUR will officially begin on November 14 and ends on December 16 ’11. Please contact Tracee Gleichner at tgleichner(at) if you are interested in hosting and/or reviewing his book. Thank you!

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