Confessions of a Color-Blind House Painter Virtual Book Publicity Tour February 2012

Confessions of a Color-Blind House Painter

Join Selwyn Mills, author of the autobiography, Confessions of a Color-Blind House Painter (CreateSpace), as he virtually tours the blogosphere February 6 – 29 2012 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About Selwyn Mills

Selwyn Mills 2 Selwyn Mills served an apprenticeship in decorative painting before starting his own business in 1956, which lasted until his retirement in 1992. He worked as a craftsman painter, wrote for the National Paint Journal, served as President of the National Painting Contractor Association in Nassau County, New York, and taught faux painting. While painting professionally, Mills earned his doctorate in psychology and operated a successful private psychotherapy practice.

Dr. Mills practiced psychotherapy in Great Neck N.Y. for twenty-five year, specializing in couples therapy, family reconciliation and Men in Transition groups. His psychotherapy practice overlapped his forty year career as a decorative painting contractor. He painted in the mornings and counseled patients in the afternoon and evenings. His research into the left/right brain phenomenon, and its impact of personality development, led to a unique discovery of why opposites attract. Active in live theater, he wrote and produced a musical comedy called, “Love Torment and Lollipops”. An accomplished photographer, his black and white prints are part of the permanent collection of the Bibliotech Nationale in Paris, France. He currently works at the Sugden Theater in Naples, Florida as director of faux painting. Mills married in 1949 at the age of 19 and has four children and four grandchildren.

His latest book is the autobiography, Confessions of a Color-Blind House Painter.

You can visit his website at

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About Confessions of a Color-Blind House Painter

Confessions of a Color-Blind House Painter “Confessions of a Color-Blind House Painter” (ISBN 1466342013), a collection of autobiographical writings by Selwyn Mills, offers an account of the author’s life as well as his ruminations on painting, psychotherapy, friendship, romantic love, poetry, prison, philosophy, relationships and cats, among other topics.

Mills split his professional life between two concurrent careers – he worked as a decorative painter in the mornings and led psychotherapy sessions in the afternoon. Although these types of work might appear quite different, Mills describes how each profession deals with depression and renewal. He offers an eclectic collection of musings on various topics, each one weaving personal narrative with opinion and insight. “Confessions of a Color-Blind House Painter” reveals a portrait of a life made up of equal portions of intellectual, creative and emotional elements.

“Once the reader learns from the author’s examples of overcoming so much, the reader is prepared to take on any challenge. Thank you to the author for taking the time to write this truly unique and inspiring literary work!”

— D.C. Blackbird, author of Jekyll Says…Good Deeds Cats Do That You Should Too!

“I know Dr. Mills as a devoted friend, artist, writer, photographer and a psychotherapist and philosopher. I also know how difficult some of his challengers have been and how amazed I was at how deftly he overcame them. Dr. Mills “confessions” is good for the Soul.”

— Rev. Dr. Samuel O. Sewell

“A crazy life and if my own were not so bizarre and unusually full I would envy him, but I know him now as a friend and fellow traveler collecting riches for the end so we can smile as we pass to whatever comes after life, knowing we lived well.”

— William T. Greystone

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Confessions of a Color-Blind House Painter Virtual Book Publicity Tour Schedule

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books kk 1232 Monday, February 6

Interviewed at Beyond the Books

1232 Thursday, February 9

Interviewed at Blogcritics

1232 Wednesday, February 15

Guest blogging at The Book Faery Reviews

1232 Friday, February 17

Guest blogging at The Writer’s Life

1232 Monday, February 20

Book reviewed at Jagged Edge Reviews

1232 Tuesday, February 21

Interviewed at Pump Up Your Book

1232 Wednesday, February 22

Interviewed at The Hot Author Report

1232 Thursday, February 23

Interviewed at The Book Connection

1232 Monday, February 27

Book reviewed at Beth’s Book Reviews

1232 Tuesday, February 28

Interviewed at Literarily Speaking

1232 Wednesday, February 29

Interviewed at As the Pages Turn

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Selwyn Mill’s  CONFESSIONS OF A COLOR-BLIND HOUSE PAINTER VIRTUAL BOOK PUBLICITY TOUR will officially begin on February 6 and end on February 29 2012. Please contact Dorothy Thompson at thewriterslife(at) if you are interested in hosting and/or reviewing his book. Thank you!

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