Pump Up Your Book Presents Charlie: A Love Story Virtual Book Publicity Tour March/April 2012

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Charlie Join Barbara Lampert, author of the dog memoir, Charlie: A Love Story, as she virtually tours the blogosphere March 5 – April 22 2012 on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!


Barbara LampertBarbara Lampert is a Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in relationships. She’s been in private practice in Brentwood, California for over twenty years. She considers her work a calling and loves what she does. She has a doctorate in medical sociology and two master’s degrees – one in psychology and one in sociology. Barbara has adored dogs her whole life. They’re her passion! She notes that for a lot of people, their dogs are their best friends. She loves helping people know that’s ok – that a soul-satisfying relationship may be found with any being and needs to be treasured. Besides her love of dogs, Barbara is an avid gardener and finds herself gardening in much of her spare time. She sees her garden as a work of art. She loves being in nature – the miracle of growth, the ever-changing landscape, its beauty. Today Barbara lives happily in Malibu, California with her husband David (married twenty-eight years!) and their six-year-old Golden Retriever, Harry. Barbara hopes that Charlie: A Love Story will be a tribute not only to a magnificent dog but to all dogs everywhere. You can visit her website at www.charliealovestory.com.

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Charlie - A Love Story 2Charlie: A Love Story tells of the beautiful love between Charlie, a Golden Retriever, and the author, Barbara Lampert. It takes place in Malibu, California. When Charlie turned eleven years old and started having some health problems, a journal Barbara was keeping about her garden quickly became mostly about Charlie. Charlie: A Love Story is an intimate look at an incredible connection between a canine and a human. And as a psychotherapist who specializes in relationships, Barbara brings that sensibility and understanding to Charlie’s story as well. Charlie was Barbara’s loyal confidante and best friend. He was indomitable, had a zest for life and an uncanny emotional intelligence. Charlie: A Love Story is about devotion, joy, loss, and renewal, about never giving up or giving in. But mostly it’s about an extraordinary dog and an extraordinary relationship.

Praise for Charlie: A Love Story

“Charlie: A Love Story, a valentine to a special Golden Retriever, is pure magic.  From the moment you meet Charlie and Barbara in her garden, you’ll be captivated.  Here is a story you’ll never forget.  This lovely book is destined to become a classic.”

–  Arthur Vanderbilt, award-winning author of Golden Days: Memories of a Golden Retriever

“Charlie: A Love Story is absolutely beautiful.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Charlie was truly an astonishing dog.  I can think of few people as aware of the capacity for love in other animals as Barbara.  She has captured the love of a dog faithfully and fully.”

–  Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of The Dog Who Couldn’t Stop   Loving and the bestselling Dogs Never Lie About Love

“In this very heartfelt, special book, Barbara captures Charlie’s character and their relationship with clarity and immediacy. This is a tender yet very real story of the love and devotion of a dog and his master equally beloved of each other, a story I think will always be remembered.”

– Robert Olds, DVM, from the foreword to Charlie: A Love Story

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Charlie: A Love Story Virtual Book Publicity Tour Schedule

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books kk1232Monday, March 5

Interviewed at Beyond the Books

1232Tuesday, March 6

Guest blogging at Beyond the Books

1232Wednesday, March 7

Interviewed at Examiner

1232Thursday, March 8

Book reviewed at Pet Blogs United

1232Friday, March 9

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1232Monday, March 12

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1232Tuesday, March 13

Interviewed at Review From Here

1232Wednesday, March 14

Interviewed at The Writer’s Life

1232Thursday, March 15

Guest blogging & book giveaway at Darlene’s Book Nook

1232Monday, March 19

Interviewed at Cafe of Dreams

Interview & book giveaway at Broken Teepee

1232Tuesday, March 20

Interviewed at Divine Caroline

1232Wednesday, March 21

Interviewed at SOS Aloha

1232Thursday, March 22

Book reviewed at SOS Aloha

1232Friday, March 23

Book reviewed at Literarily Speaking

1232Monday, April 2

Guest blogging at Dogs Rule Cats Drool

1232Tuesday, April 3

Book reviewed at Dogs Rule Cats Drool

1232Wednesday, April 4

Book reviewed at WV Stitcher

1232Thursday, April 5

Interviewed at Pump Up Your Book

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Book reviewed at Tontowilliams Scrapbook

1232Monday, April 9

Book reviewed at The Road to Here

1232Tuesday, April 10

Guest blogging & book giveaway at Through Squirrel’s Eyes

1232Wednesday, April 11

Book reviewed at Candid Canine

1232Thursday, April 12

Guest blogging at Candid Canine

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Interview for As the Pages Turn

1232Monday, April 16

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1232Tuesday, April 17

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1232Wednesday, April 18

Book review & book giveaway at I’d Rather Be Reading at the Beach

Thursday, April 19

Guest blogging at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

Friday, April 20

Book review & guest post at Jersey Girl Book Reviews

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Barbara Lampert’s CHARLIE: A LOVE STORY VIRTUAL BOOK PUBLICITY TOUR will officially begin on March 5 and end on April 20 2012. Please contact Dorothy Thompson at thewriterslife(at)gmail.com if you are interested in hosting and/or reviewing her book. Thank you!

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