How to Become a Tour Host for Pump Up Your Book

78 Do you love books?  Do you love meeting the authors behind the books?  Would you like to be part of a team of book lovers who would like to help spread the word about these fantastic books and authors?

Pump Up Your Book is looking for book bloggers interested in hosting authors of all genres.  We represent fiction and nonfiction, except for porn.  The authors who sign up with us are looking for an outlet to spread the word about their books and they’re seeking bloggers to help.  Why bloggers?  Bloggers – book bloggers in particularly – are looking for traffic.  Most companies who are searching for bloggers to give free merchandise to are only looking for blogs who have good search engine ratio and what this means to the author is more traffic to the blog which means more eyes on their book.  Bloggers complain about low traffic and haven’t a clue why other blogs are getting thousands of hits per day and they wonder why they aren’t getting the same.

Hosting authors on virtual book tours at Pump Up Your Book is the answer.

When a blogger signs up with us, we bring traffic to their blogs.  We act as intermediaries between the author and the blogger to make sure the author does what she/he is supposed to do and the blogger receives all material to make it a pain free experience. We raise their Alexa rankings by posting their blog link on our site. And let’s not forget to mention free books just for an honest review. But, the blogger/tour coordinator experience goes beyond that.  They become lifelong friends and continue to support each other long after the tour they hosted is over.

So can anyone sign up with Pump Up Your Book to achieve this?

No.  Only bloggers with a minimum of 60 posts and who updates regularly can sign up.  The reason for this is that the author wants to make sure the blog has good enough traffic from the search engines.  We also ask that the blogger makes a commitment to post on the day they sign up.  If there is a problem posting, a quick email explaining the problem solves the problem.

What if bloggers are busy?  They want to host, they want traffic and they want to help authors, but they don’t have time for a review?  If a blogger wants to host any of our authors, all they have to do is fill out the form for the author they want to host and check book spotlight.  In the tour information packets we send out for each tour, there will be html for both blogger and wordpress bloggers so all they have to do is cut and paste.  No covers, author photos or whatever other graphics that comes with each tour to save on their server.  And it’s quick.

What if a blogger forgets to post?  Our tour coordinators send out reminders the day before to remind the blogger of their commitment.  This is the time the blogger needs to email the tour coordinator back if there is a problem and the tour coordinator and blogger make arrangements to reschedule.

So what if a book blogger also hosts companies with products that aren’t all books?  We don’t mind blogs that hosts other products; all we ask is 80% of the blog’s content be focused on books.

What if a blogger is out of the United States?  That is wonderful!  We would love to have you on board!  The only thing we ask is that if the blogger is requesting a book for review, they accept PDF unless arrangements are made with the author to send a book out of the states.

Do you have to be a professional reviewer to review our books?  Of course not, but there are certain requirements that all bloggers must think about before signing up.  First, we ask that the blogger read the book.  No copying from other reviews and no fudging the review because you’ve run out of time.  Simply email your tour coordinator for an extension.  Second, no one or two sentence reviews please.  The author is excited to receive your review and would love it if you could go into a bit more detail.  Your reviews need to be over one paragraph long.  Third, we ask for honest opinions but please do not trash the book.  If you do not like the book, simply email your tour coordinator telling them why before posting the review.

If you would like to be added to our main mailing list of blog hosts to receive future announcements of wonderful books available for review or hosting, please fill out the form below.  You are under no obligation to host any books that are sent to your email and you can opt out at any time simply by asking to be removed.  What if you only review romance for example and don’t want emails for other genres?  Just make a note of it on the form below and you will only receive updates on new romance based tours.

We look forward to having you on our team!  If you have any questions email Dorothy at thewriterslife (at) and thank you for signing up!

If you would like to add our tour host button below, copy and paste the html below the graphic and add to your sidebar.  Let us know you have done this so that we can add you to our tour hosts page!

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