Pump Up Your Book Presents Train Up A Child Virtual Book Publicity Tour!


Pump Up Your Book is pleased to bring you Dr. Johnny Holloway’s TRAIN UP A CHILD Book Tour September 5 – 30!


Inside the Book:

Train Up a Child

Title: Train Up a Child
Author: Dr. Johnny Holloway
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Family & Relationship
Format: Ebook

Have you ever wished for a handbook that could help you train your children to become upstanding, responsible, and successful adults?

Unfortunately, many parents feel compelled to raise their children in the same way they were raised, despite the fact that the world is very different than it was when they were children. As a result they may be destined to repeat mistakes their parent’s made and they risk failing to give their children valuable tools they may need to succeed.

Dr. Johnny Holloway, the founder and senior pastor of Cup of Salvation Deliverance Church & Ministries in Durham, North Carolina, helps you transform your approach with this faith-based guide to parenting. Learn how to:

• build relationships with children based on love and respect;
• recognize when children are going through difficult times;
• help children confront and overcome the problems they face; and
• set high but reasonable expectations for children.

Even if you grew up in a loving home, you can improve upon the way you were raised and give your children the tools they need to navigate life’s toughest challenges.

Overcome your doubts and fears, and join the author as he looks back at his own upbringing and explores how to Train Up A Child.

About the Author

Dr. Johnny Holloway (pictured here with his mother) is the founder and senior pastor of Cup of Salvation Deliverance Church & Ministries in Durham, North Carolina. He is an internationally recognized theologian, a family and relationship counselor, and a spiritual father to many men and women. He and his wife, Pastor Deborah G. Holloway, have five adult children and fourteen grandchildren.


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