Lucas Trent: Guardian in Magic Virtual Book Publicity Tour September/October 2011

Lucas Trent

Join Richard Blunt, author of the fantasy novel, Lucas Trent: Guardian in Magic (Author House), as he virtually tours the blogosphere September 5 – October 28 2011 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

Lucas Trent About Richard Blunt

Richard Blunt is the author of the fantasy novel, Lucas Trent: Guardian in Magic.

He is currently working on his second book in the Lucas Trent series.

You can visit his website at

Visit him on Twitter at and Facebook at

About Lucas Trent: Guardian in Magic

“Guardian in Magic” is a fantasy novel located in a world very similar to the one we live in. It tells the story of 16 year old Lucas Trent, an IT student living in Luton, England. His fascination for the supernatural leads him to take a glimpse at the world from an angle only few others look at. An angle that teaches him the true meaning of friendship, loyalty and trust in ways he had never experienced before.

Journeying through a secret community that is hidden in plain sight, he suddenly finds himself forced into living two lives at once, keeping his true identity even from his close family. In a struggle to handle this situation, he gets pulled deeper and deeper into a swamp of conspiracies and coincidences surrounding a young girl and the very truth about magic in the real world…

Book Excerpt:

It was a warm and sunny day, quite a bit too warm for a June evening. Two hours
before sunset, the sun was already starting to glow red and the light started to fade
slowly on this clearing in the middle of Griffin woods, near the city of Luton, England.
The place looked strange, a deserted fireplace in the middle of the clearing though
no other signs of camping sites or any kind of population. A little bit like one would
imagine a hiding place for a bunch of thieves in the old times… Deep within the
woods where no wanderer would ever dare to go, far away from civilization, at least
far enough to be alone, protected by the forest from three sides and a mountain on
the fourth, perfect if you needed a place to be alone… And still, right now you would
not at all be alone around here…
A group of six teenagers had gathered around a spot near the mountainside.
“Look at that.” the tallest one of them said pointing towards a ring that had been
attached to the rock wall of the mountain. He was close to two meters tall, very slim,
approximately 17 years of age, wearing small round glasses.
“Yeah, that must be where it happened. Let’s split up and search the place. Perhaps
we find something interesting.” another one replied. He was a bit younger than the
first one and not quite as tall. They both looked well educated, but the first one more
like an intellectual, this one more like a geek. He didn’t look like a real leader, but the
others followed his direction anyway, just nodding and starting to search.
“What’s that smell? Do you have any idea Professor?” the older of the two girls in
the group asked. She seemed to be the oldest of the group, somewhere around 20,
about one and a half meters tall, a bit overweight, but still looked sort of nice with her
long shiny red hair.
“Not the slightest.” The tall one with the glasses replied without looking up.
“Perhaps it’s residue of the drugs they used.” the leader said, “But let’s concentrate
on one thing at a time, shall we?”
The others nodded in reply. After about five minutes of search suddenly the second
girl in the group kneeled down, looking closely at something on the ground. She
seemed to be the youngest of them, not too tall, slim, looking very attractive with her
long darkblonde hair and her big blue eyes. “I think I found something here Lucas,
ahm, Guardian I meant to say!” she cried, grabbing a small piece of plastic.
“What is it Airmid?” the leader replied walking over to her.
“It looks like a memory card, but it’s quite dirty.” the girl answered examining the
plastic in her hand. The rest of the group gathered around her quickly, everyone
looking at the little chip. She handed the item over to the leader, whose name
obviously was Lucas, who started flipping it around some times and cleaning it with
his fingers.
“It’s an SD memory module.” the one called Professor said without trying to hide his
“Yeah, you are right.” Lucas nodded, “Perhaps from a digital camera?”
One of the other two guys, also around 16 years of age, average figure, with dark

black her, just opened his mouth as a voice from behind yelled: “I believe this
belongs to us…” The group turned around, a little bit shocked, because no one was
actually thinking that they could have company. There, on one side of the clearing,
they stood, 10 meters away from the group, just outside the forest line, a young man,
180 centimeters tall, bald head, a knife in each hand. Right next to him a girl, a little
bit smaller, clenching her fists. Lucas was to first to regain his voice: “I don’t think so.
But who are you anyway?” He handed the chip to the Professor and took one step
“That doesn’t matter.” the skinhead replied and before anyone could react he had
thrown one of his knifes towards the group. The knife missed Lucas by inches hitting
the Professors shoulder. Lucas at first didn’t realize this, as he thought that knife was
meant for him. He was all the more shocked when he heard the cry of pain from the
“Darien!” The girl called Airmid cried trying to catch the Professor as he fell to the
ground. The other girl jumped towards him as well, no one noticing the chip falling out
of the Professors hand to the ground. The dark haired guy seemed to be the only one
of the group to have a clear mind at the time. He was standing there, eyes fixed on
the attacker, in a state of deep concentration as it seemed. The attacker had already
grabbed another knife preparing to throw it as he pointed both his hands towards the
attacker, closed his eyes completely and cried “Ventus!”.
Out of nowhere a strong blast of wind appeared throwing the attacker down on the
ground. The girl next to the attacker seemed shocked for a moment. She starred at
her comrade not knowing what to think. Then, as she saw the caster faint, falling
to his knees, she pulled herself together, and charged towards the group with a
loud yell. This time Lucas reacted on the other side. He moved his arms up as if he
wanted to shield himself crying “Seperatio!”
One could nearly feel a ripple of energy flowing out of his hands forming a barrier half
way between them and the girl. As she hit it she was stopped in the run as if she had
just run into a solid wall. The force of her own movement brought her to the ground.
“Nice shooting, Whirlwind.” Lucas said helping his companion back on his feet.
“You too Guardian.” he replied as his eyes recognized a faint movement near the
forest. “Guys…” he continued “I have the strange feeling that we should get the hell
out of here…”
Lucas started looking around. More strange looking people started appearing at
the forestline. “I agree.” he replied, “Airmid, Psycho, get the Professor out of here.
Whirlwind you go with them. Cougar and I will cover you.”
The two girls grabbed the Professor and started to make for the cover of the forest.
Whirlwind hesitated for a moment, but as he saw the commanding look on Lucas’
face he finally followed them. The last member of the group, a very sporty looking
guy with short, dark hair around the age of Lucas quickly joined up with his leader,
standing ready to defend the others. On a quick look the situation seemed to be
hopeless for them. Four more figures had appeared and both the girl and her knife-
throwing friend were already back on their feet. It looked as if a gang of rowdies had
assembled there, ready to crush anything and anyone standing between them and
their destiny.

The knife thrower already had another one of his toys ready to throw. This time the
target clearly was Lucas’ head. As the weapon left the attackers hand Lucas again
got into his defensive position. “SEPERATIO!” he cried, this time even louder than
before and like the girl before this time the knife stopped in midair and fell to the
ground right before his feet.
“What kind of bullshit is this?” One of the attackers asked with a tremble in his voice
that sounded like a mixture of anger and fear.
“Don’t care, this stunt might work with a knife, but not with this.” another one replied,
pulling out a slingshot. He took quick aim and shot a steel ball at the boy.
Lucas wanted to react again and block the attack, but he just was too weak. His face
was already very pale and his knees shacking. “Brother to brother, yours to the end.”
he whispered, mentally preparing for what might be his final moments in life when he
heard a voice right next to him screaming “Levipes!” and someone jumping at him,
pushing him out of harm’s way, down to the ground. It was a matter of split-seconds,
he could still feel the breeze of the projectile close to his face as he hit the ground.
“Thank you Cougar.” he mumbled.
“I don’t believe this!” the attacker was outraged. “Who are those pains in the neck?”
He was already in the process of reloading his slingshot.
“Come on Guardian, let’s move out. I don’t think we can stall them much longer.”
Cougar pulled up Lucas and started heading towards the forest when a flickering
item on the ground caught his attention. “The chip! We lost the chip!” He made a
sharp turn trying to reach the tiny object.
“Forget it Cougar, it’s not worth dying for.” Lucas commanded.
His friend seemed to be unsure, but when the next steel bullet missed his head just
by inches he decided to follow the Guardians lead and get out of range as quickly as

High up on the mountain, covered by the shadows of the trees two strangers stood
silently, watching the groups on the ground. “Shall we get down there now and help?”
one asked. She was good looking, close to 30 years of age, wearing a long red cape.
“No.” the other replied calmly. His face hidden under the hood of his grey robe it
seemed that all of this meant nothing to him.
“But Mylord…” the women started again “they will get it now…”
“Yes.” he replied.
“But Mylord, we can prevent this from happening, why don’t we just interfere now?”
“There is still much you have to learn, Angel.” he said in the same, calm voice as
he turned around and walked away, vanishing into thin air just a few steps into the
forest. Angel still stood there, tears in her eyes, unable to do anything, just watching
the attackers pick up the chip and get away.

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Lucas Trent: Guardian in Magic Book Publicity Tour Schedule

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Thursday, September 15

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