Thwarted Queen Virtual Book Tour May 2012

Join Cynthia Haggard, author of the historical fiction medieval novel, Thwarted Queen, as she virtually tours the blogosphere in May, 2012, on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book. Thwarted Queen has been nominated for the Global e-book awards in the Historical Fiction, Medieval Novels category.

Author Cynthia Haggard

Author Cynthia Haggard

About Cynthia Haggard

Born and raised in Surrey, England, CYNTHIA SALLY HAGGARD has lived in the United States for twenty-nine years. She has had four careers: violinist, cognitive scientist, medical writer and novelist. Yes, she is related to H. Rider Haggard, the author of SHE and KING SOLOMONS’S MINES. (H. Rider Haggard was a younger brother of the author’s great-grandfather.) Cynthia Sally Haggard is a member of the Historical Novel Society. You can visit her website at:

About Thwarted Queen

Cecylee is the apple of her mother’s eye. The seventh daughter, she is the only one left unmarried by 1424, the year she turns nine. In her father’s eyes, however, she is merely a valuable pawn in the game of marriage. The Earl of Westmorland plans to marry his youngest daughter to 13-year-old Richard, Duke of York, who is close to the throne. He wants this splendid match to take place so badly, he locks his daughter up.

The event that fuels the narrative is Cecylee’s encounter with Blaybourne, a handsome archer, when she is twenty-six years old. This love affair produces a child (the “One Seed” of Book II), who becomes King Edward IV. But how does a public figure like Cecylee, whose position depends upon the goodwill of her husband, carry off such an affair? The duke could have locked her up, or disposed of this illegitimate son.

Thwarted Queen Book Tour

Thwarted Queen Book Tour

But Richard does neither, keeping her firmly by his side as he tries to make his voice heard in the tumultuous years that encompass the end of the Hundred Years War – during which England loses all of her possessions in France – and the opening phase of the Wars of the Roses. He inherits the political mantle of his mentor Duke Humphrey of Gloucester, and become’s the people’s champion. The rambunctious Londoners are unhappy that their country has become mired in misrule due to the ineptitude of a King prone to fits of madness. Nor are they better pleased by the attempts of the King’s French wife to maneuver herself into power, especially as she was responsible for England’s losses in France. But can Richard and Cecylee prevail? Everywhere, their enemies lurk in the shadows.

This book is filled with many voices, not least those of the Londoners, who forged their political destiny by engaging in public debate with the powerful aristocrats of the time. By their courageous acts, these fifteenth-century Londoners set the stage for American Democracy.

Book Information

It is a pleasure to announce the publication of Thwarted Queen. I have made the book available in various different ways, so that if you don’t have enough time to read a 478-page chunkster, you don’t have to.

Nominated for the global ebook awards, Thwarted Queen is available as an e-book, Kindle format at Amazon

There is the 4-volume set of paperbacks that make up Thwarted Queen, e-version at Amazon

The Bride Price

One Seed Sown

The Gilded Cage

Two Murders Reaped

There is the 3-volume set of paperbacks that make up Thwarted Queen, e-version at Amazon

Rose of Raby

The Gilded Cage

Two Murders Reaped

See What Reviewers are saying about Thwarted Queen

“THWARTED QUEEN is a gripping, well-researched historical novel, revealing a violent age. Cecylee and the other characters are well-drawn, with great subtlety and depth.” Lindsay Townsend, author of TO TOUCH THE KNIGHT.

“The author immerses the reader in a complex and vivid world that is depicted with persuasive confidence.” Curtis Sittenfeld, author of AMERICAN WIFE.

“THWARTED QUEEN is a wonderful novel to introduce Cecily Neville and historical biographical fiction to young female readers.” Mirella Patzer, author of THE PENDANT.

“The characters in THWARTED QUEEN were very developed with great personality and really brought history to life.” Star, from THE BIBLIOPHILIC BOOK BLOG.

“The pacing is phenomenal. THWARTED QUEEN is eminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. I anxiously await a second book” Phillip Tang of PHILLIP TANG BOOK REVIEW BLOG.


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Cynthia Haggard is on virtual book tour May 1 – 25, 2012. Contact Rebecca at if you would like to be a tour host.