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Big & Fabulous

Inside the Book

Author: Randi Sherman
Publisher: Friesen Press
Pages: 282
Genre: Humor Fiction

Imperfect, impervious and improving, plus size Brenda Cankles is an unlikely heroine. Unfazed by society’s censure, she is determined to realize the fabulous life she has always believed is her destiny.

Brenda’s story is told between the covers of BIG & Fabulous, The Life and Times of Brenda Cankles, the newest humor fiction novel by award winning author Randi M Sherman.  Here, find a fantastically real person, sometimes struggling to fit in, but mostly giving the rest of the world the mother-lovin’ bird. From her clunky childhood, through her stumbling yet optimistic adolescence to her full-figured and unapologetic emergence into adulthood, Brenda is a special brand of warrior. She is big, bold and beautiful. While the quirky cast of characters who surround her is eternally insistent that Brenda live her life in the background and fit into society’s mold, she will have none of it.

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