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Running With Monkeys

Inside the Book

Author: Diane Munier
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 367
Genre: Historical Fiction/Romantic

  1. The boys are home from the war. Jules is looking for a way into polite society, but it seems like the moogs that didn’t go overseas have moved so far ahead he’ll never catch up.

His luck seems to change when he goes to the movies with his buddies Bobby and Audie, the other two monkeys. They had marched across Europe together, and now they are picking up dames, drinking too much, and generally letting off steam.

Jules meets Isbe at the movies. Close dancing in a smoky club leads to love. The same night, Jules hooks up with the Irish mob. Worse, Isbe’s father is chief of police and he seems to be running in the same crooked circles as Jules.

Love is thawing Jules’ hard heart, the one needed for survival in his new and violent world. But Jules likes it on the edge. He’s out to win the girl, and make up for lost time but he’s walking a fine line between a bright future and disaster.


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