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We are taking review requests for Stephen Martino’s THE FINAL REALITY. This is a review campaign and not a blog tour. If requesting review copies, we ask that you post your review at Amazon no later than March 7, please. When you are ready to submit your review, come back and click below to take you directly to the book’s Amazon link. Review copies will be sent via PDF. Thank you!

The Final Reality

Inside the Book

Author: Stephen Martino
Publisher: Light Messages Publishing
Pages: 312
Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller

In 1938, Nazi Germany sent an expedition into Tibet- supposedly in search of the Aryan race. What they discovered almost killed them, just like it did to civilization over 10,000 years ago. Covered up for over 150 more years, the secrets of the ancients are finally revealed. Unleashed onto the planet by the megalomaniac ruler of the free world, Jules Windsor. Can he be stopped before the world witnesses a cataclysm not seen since biblical time?

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